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Microsoft Volume Licensing

Service Center Preview (VLSC)

How is the VLSC Preview site different?

The home page is updated for easier access to your licensing management needs, plus we’ve improved access to Product Keys and Downloads. New training videos will help Preview users get up to speed quickly on the changes.

How do I use the VLSC Preview?

The VLSC Preview is a fully functioning site in a live production environment. In other words, you can perform your day-to-day tasks without having to switch back to the current version of VLSC. If you no longer want to use the VLSC Preview site, you can always go back to the VLSC Standard site. We keep the number of Preview participants low to ensure we can appropriately support and engage with customers in the feedback cycle.

Make sure you have an up-to-date browser installed, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer.

While are unable to accommodate new VLSC Preview participants at this time, we would like to capture your contact information for future consideration. Please navigate to the VLSC Preview and click Sign Up.

What happens to the Standard VLSC site during the preview?

The Standard VLSC site will continue to function without any changes. There is no disruption to the customer experience. Go to the VLSC Preview.

About VLSC Preview

Participation is by invitation only. Take a peek at the VLSC Preview site.

If you are not currently a VLSC Preview participant, sign in to the VLSC Standard site or view the VLSC Standard training page.