Flexible Payment Options

How Microsoft Payment Solutions Can Benefit Your Organization

  • Flexible payments allow customers to optimize their IT roadmap. By working with a Microsoft Solution Partner who understands their business, a customer can align IT costs to benefits and ensure that the solution is part of a long-term plan rather than just a quick fix. Monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual payments are available—each with the option of ramping or deferring payments to align with product deployment or cash flow requirements.

  • Non-Microsoft products or services can be financed under the Microsoft Payment Solutions program, as long as Microsoft software and/or services are part of the solution. There are minimum Microsoft content requirements (typically 10 to 15 percent). These requirements vary by country and lender; check with your local representative.

  • Customers can finance their entire IT solution; in addition to financing their Microsoft solution, customers can also finance partner and third-party services and products under one agreement.

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  • Using Microsoft Financing made it easy to update our Enterprise Agreement. We were able to get the IT solution we need now and pay for it at a later date with flexible payments.

    Phillip Cournot,
    Corporate Purchasing Manager