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Software Assurance for Volume Licensing

Software Assurance for Volume Licensing offers a range of tools and resources to help your company deploy, manage, and maximize your Volume Licensing purchases. The program covers Microsoft technologies and services and includes new product version rights, training, deployment planning, and support. Software Assurance is designed to help improve productivity of IT professionals and end users in your organization, and to help you extend the value of your technology investment.

Key benefits of Software Assurance include:

  • Planning Services to enable efficient deployments.

  • In-person and online training for IT pros and end users.

  • Rights to new software releases during the term of your agreement at no additional cost.

  • Access to unique technologies available only to Software Assurance customers.

  • Ways to spread payments over time.

What is Software Assurance?

What is Software Assurance?

Discover the unique benefits and value that Software Assurance can provide for your business.

By product

Software Assurance spans a broad range of Microsoft software and services products, including the Windows operating system, Microsoft Office, Exchange, System Center, SQL Server, and many others. Learn more about the specific benefits available for the products you license.

By company size

Whether your company supports as few as five desktops or tens of thousands, Software Assurance provides valuable benefits to help enhance the productivity of your entire organization. Learn more about how Software Assurance helps organizations of varying sizes.

By benefit

Software Assurance benefits include deployment planning services, end-user and technical training, 24x7 problem resolution support, exclusive technologies and rights, and the latest Microsoft software releases and unique technologies. Learn more about Software Assurance benefits and how each can contribute to your business needs.

How to get Software Assurance

How to get Software Assurance

Research your options and find a Microsoft Partner to help you get started.

Software Assurance is included with some Volume Licensing programs and is an optional purchase with others. You can purchase Software Assurance through Microsoft resellers via your Volume Licensing agreement.

Enterprise Agreement

Select Plus

Open Value

Open License

Campus and School Agreement

Software Assurance included






Software Assurance optional






Software Assurance is also available through Volume Licensing for Government, Academic, Health, and Nonprofit Organizations. Contact your Microsoft Partner for details. Learn more about how to get Software Assurance.

Get started with Software Assurance

Get started with Software Assurance

Get to know your benefits, and develop an action plan for your organization. Here are some basic guidelines to get you started with Software Assurance.

1. Check your benefits

Your Software Assurance benefits are determined by your Volume Licensing agreement, such as an Enterprise Agreement or Open Value agreement, and qualifying license purchases you have with Software Assurance. Use the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) to get the most accurate statement of your current benefits. You must be registered to use the VLSC.

For more information about VLSC registration, view the VLSC how-to videos, or contact your Microsoft Partner. See the Product List for all available Software Assurance benefits.

2. Build your team of Software Assurance benefits administrators and assign Software Assurance Managers

Depending on the size of your organization and the scope of your benefits, you can set up a team to ensure that you know which benefits your company is entitled to, and to ensure that your benefits are used. A small or midsized organization may find it more efficient to centralize benefits management with one individual or department. A large enterprise that will access multiple benefits across multiple organizations may find decentralized benefits management most effective.

Here are some typical Software Assurance Manager responsibilities:

IT Manager

  • New products and deployment tools (for example, New Version Rights, Windows Enterprise, Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack)

  • Deployment resources (for example, Planning Services, License Mobility)

  • Technical training for IT staff (Training Vouchers)

  • 24x7 Problem Resolution Support

Training Manager/HR Manager/IT Manager

  • Home Use Program (HUP)

  • End-user training (E-Learning) and technical training (Training Vouchers)

3. Activate and use your Software Assurance benefits

To activate your benefits, go to the VLSC. After you sign in to the VLSC, the benefits activation process is similar for most benefits. The Software Assurance Quick Start Guide (PDF, 330 KB) includes steps for activating your benefits.

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