Use Home Use Program to:

  • Help accelerate familiarity and use of new Office products

  • Help increase employee skills and productivity

With the Home Use Program (HUP) your employees can get the latest version of the Microsoft Office suite to use on their home computer through a low-cost download. When employees use the same software at home and work, they naturally gain more skills which helps improve productivity.

We think it is much easier for employees to transition to Microsoft Office 2010 if they have previously used it at home. We are certain that in many cases a great deal of training will be unnecessary, because employees will know how to use the suite...

Before you use:

Activate HUP and Get Your Program Code
Offering the Home Use Program to your employees is easy. Simply use VLSC to activate HUP and provide the resulting program code to employees so they can order directly from the HUP Web site.

Get the Word Out
To help you communicate the value of this program to your employees, we have created downloadable flyers, banner ads, and email templates to distribute to your employees.

More Resources:

Related Benefits:

With more than 1000 hours of self-paced, flexible training courses on Microsoft Office products, E-Learning can serve as the perfect complement to HUP.

When you use:

Get Your Program Code
If you are an employee purchasing products under HUP, you must have a valid work email address and program code from your organization’s Software Assurance Manager.

You’ll be asked to enter your work email and program code on the Home Use Program Web site. Once accepted, you will receive confirmation and a follow up email that will allow you to purchase products under HUP.

Order for your entire organization
To help deploy the Home Use Program across your entire organization, digital bulk order is available.

Monitor Employee Usage
HUP Usage Reporting allows you to pull a single report from VLSC that shows your organization’s total volume downloaded and individuals who have taken advantage of this benefit. Use this information to encourage employee use and help them gain more Office suite skills.

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