Software Assurance for Small Business

Boost employee productivity and get flexible upgrade options with predictable costs – all in one cost-effective program.

While your organization’s IT needs may not match those of a Fortune 500 Company, there are still plenty of ways your small business can benefit with Software Assurance.

Help make employees more productive

Free up your valuable time to focus on the critical activities that keep your business competitive, such as finding new customers and hiring new talent. Software Assurance lets you

  • Take advantage of productivity increases with new versions of Microsoft software as soon as they are available.

  • Help employees be more productive with convenient, online training developed by the experts at Microsoft.

  • Increase employee efficiency with Microsoft Office through the Home Use Program (HUP), which offers your employees Office programs to use at home, via a low-cost download. This can reduce the time getting familiar with new software and may also reduce your business’ support needs since Microsoft supports HUP software use at home.

Gain flexible upgrade options

You may be adopting new technology to win against competitors or planning to use new capabilities to help catapult your business forward. Regardless of your motivation, Software Assurance gives you more flexibility and control to decide how and when to add new software:

  • With New Product Versions, you can implement software upgrades at any time during your coverage term for licensed software that is released during the term of your agreement.

  • Use Step-up Licensing to take advantage of enhanced features and technologies with available premium software editions when you want, at a low cost.

  • The flexibility to update a few PCs at a time, or all of your desktops at once. Plan your updates to suit the characteristics of your business such as seasonality, existing resources and growth plans.

  • As you add more desktops, servers or other Microsoft solutions, your Software Assurance benefits may expand to support your new investments.

Predictable, Cost-effective and Convenient

Even with the constraints on time and available capital on small businesses, you still want to be able to take advantage of new IT capabilities when and how you need it. With Software Assurance even if your business has as few as five PCs you can:

  • Reduce upfront costs and simplify budgeting with the Spread Payments option that allows you to spread the cost of licenses and Software Assurance across three equal annual sums with no interest or “cost of money” fees.

  • Lower the costs of software purchases since you can upgrade to new software versions released during the term of your agreement without additional costs.

  • Use online user training for Office and Windows when you get Software Assurance for your Office software.

  • Finally, simplify acquiring and supporting your technology using Microsoft Software Assurance – a convenient, one-stop source for the latest technologies, financing, training and more.

For at-a-glance information on what Software Assurance might bring to your business, see the Software Assurance Benefits Chart

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