Use Step-up Licensing Availability to:

  • Take advantage of enhanced features and technologies with premium software editions

  • Reduce the costs of buying new software

With Step-up Licensing Availability you can upgrade from a lower- to a higher-level software edition—such as Office Standard to Office Professional—at a low cost. Rather than pay full cost for the higher-level software edition, Step-up Licensing allows you to pay only the pricing difference.

Before you use:

Check Your Eligibility
To obtain a Step-up license to a higher level edition of a qualifying product, you need a lower level edition license with active Software Assurance coverage.

See Your Step-up Licensing Option
The list of products for which Step-up Licenses are available is subject to change. Check the Microsoft Product List or the Microsoft Volume Licensing Brief for more details.

When you use:

Contact Your Reseller
You may begin using this benefit on the date your Software Assurance coverage begins or at anytime throughout your Software Assurance agreement.

To purchase software using your Step-up Licensing benefit, contact your Microsoft Account Manager or reseller. Once purchased, you may download the software through the Volume Licensing Services Center (VLSC).

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