Big Data and Business Intelligence Solutions

Big data. More tech buzz or a tool to push your company forward? The combination of social networking as a way of life, and the ever-growing number of devices on which people stay connected, continues to generate untapped sources of data that could help businesses compete more effectively. But the unprecedented volume, velocity, and variety of the data available make it more challenging to properly analyze and mine it for potential business value. As companies begin to deeply explore what big data can do for them, it’s important that the chosen enterprise solution is able to address both business intelligence and big data. We think of this approach as business analytics.

Customer stories

343 Industries gains insights and improves experience

The Halo franchise is an award-winning collection of properties that has grown into a global entertainment phenomenon. To date, more than 50 million copies of Halo video games have been sold worldwide. Microsoft Services helped create a solution that allowed developers and managers of the new Halo 4 game to mine the data and extract the intelligence (user preferences, behaviors, scoring, and so on) they needed to provide a phenomenal gaming experience.

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Controlling security and access to data

Air Products employees generate large quantities of sensitive data and use a number of computers and devices to access information. When it came to access, the company had 30,000 to 40,000 security groups because each file server required a unique user group membership for employee access. Faced with security, regulatory, and resource challenges with this system, the company engaged Microsoft Services business intelligence solutions to help them create a more flexible way to manage access to information based on specific employee attributes rather than security groups. The solution is expected to reduce the number of security groups by one-third and recoup IT budget lost to manual workarounds in the old system. Air Products’ next endeavor is to deploy centralized file access policies through Dynamic Access Control in 2013. “We need to start meta-tagging information and building a new file classification infrastructure before we introduce a claims-based access model,” says Ron Reiss, Manager for Global IT Security Engineering at Air Products.

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Yahoo! improves campaign effectiveness, boosts ad revenue

To give its advertisers more useful analytic advertising data and to increase data processing performance, Yahoo! partnered with Microsoft to implement a solution integrating the Yahoo! Hadoop data processing framework with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2. With improved advertising analytics gained from the new Microsoft solution, Yahoo! has seen major benefits in both advertising spending and campaign effectiveness.