BI and Advanced Analytics with Microsoft ServicesPLAY VIDEO
Shorter Time to ValueGain valuable time and advantage with Microsoft Services’ data collection and analysis solutions. A leading European auto manufacturer went from data collection to insights in just five days during a Microsoft Services workshop.More
Increased RevenueLet the value of data generate new revenue through improved operational excellence. A leading U.S. national retail chain improved the efficiency of its marketing campaigns and increased revenue by implementing a self-service BI solution for business users through a centralized user dashboard.More
Increased Market ShareCapture and leverage the value of customer sentiment and behavior to gain competitive advantage and market share. A leading Middle East telecommunications company gained customer insight and implemented a precision targeted marketing system to grow market share.More
Customer Churn Analysis Customer churn is usually seen as a problem, but it can be a significant opportunity for driving short-term business improvements while beginning to transform an entire company to align and focus on maximizing customer value.
Internet of Things (IoT)IoT is the ability to not only listen to a device or other asset (monitoring), but also to interact with it when further information is required. With IoT, you can run diagnostics, change operational settings, and even push a new configuration. Business value exceeds that of the individual assets and includes the ability to record the diagnostic session, actions, and outcomes. Hence, there is often greater value in process improvement and knowledge management for the organization.
Demand ForecastingFor accurate and actionable insights to drive true demand forecasting that makes the most of resources and business results, decision-makers must be able to rely on models that incorporate both internal and external economic indicators. Recent and continuing advances in analytical and cloud technologies have made it increasingly possible for nearly every firm to make the most of machine learning and other sophisticated techniques to drive decision-making and improve performance.
Predictive MaintenanceUnscheduled equipment downtime is destructive for businesses and simply waiting for a failure to occur is not an effective strategy. Predictive maintenance layers in science to add precision to your business’ maintenance management resulting in operational cost savings.
Campaign Management Improve marketing costs and reduce waste by targeting specific markets and consumers with marketing analytics, advertising, campaign effectiveness, campaign development and product alignment.
Social Sentiment AnalysisDeep analytical capabilities can help you understand and gain insights from readily available social data, helping you to develop an improved customer sentiment strategy or complementing the one you may already have in place.
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