Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and CRM Online

Sleek experience for members and great tools for IT helped Weight Watchers create a 360-degree view of customers

Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and CRM Online

To attract new customers for your business and retain the ones you have, your business needs ways to boost sales and customer satisfaction. Microsoft Services Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and CRM Online solutions help automate the business processes that deliver world-class customer care experiences and improve your sales and marketing impact. Your business can build capabilities such as loyalty management, customer care, and social media integration through systems that are easy to use and provide business insights that can give your organization a competitive edge.

Your value

With a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solution, your business can effectively:

  • Manage data on sales prospects and customers.

  • Gain insight into sales opportunities and pipeline.

  • Drive customer loyalty through targeted campaigns.

  • Manage customer call center productivity.

  • Tap social media channels for the most up-to-date information.

  • Access and update system information through multiple devices.

  • Integrate CRM with other lines of business applications.

Our approach

Whether you need to focus on sales productivity, customer care, or unique business solutions, Microsoft Services has a deployment strategy that will meet your requirements.

Microsoft Services can also provide an assessment of your existing customer relationship system to determine how migrating to a Microsoft Dynamics CRM-based solution can be a better business investment for the future.

CRM solutions

The Sales Productivity solution helps drive the success of sales and marketing teams through sales management, account management, marketing management, customer insight, partner management, and knowledge management.

The Customer Care solution is designed to integrate silos where customer data and processes are scattered and automate customer care processes, while building customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The Extended CRM solution provides a unified technology stack of server, database, and applications with common, pre-integrated elements and development tools that ultimately help simplify the effort to build business applications that meet specific needs of the organization.

Industry focus

In addition, Microsoft Services provides industry-specific solution offerings such as the following:

Financial Services industry solutions help institutions track business transactions, manage customer accounts, provide customer support, and review analytics to make informed business decisions.

Public Sector industry solutions help government agencies to manage citizen relationships, projects and grants, budgetary control, and service delivery.

Solution offerings

Our solution approach can also help you with specific aspects of a Dynamics CRM deployment from early assessment and planning to deployment and optimization. There are four Microsoft Dynamics CRM offerings that provide a framework for successful CRM implementations, based on your business needs.

Assess the fit, functionality, performance, scalability, and cost of deploying a solution that is aligned to business objectives and build a strategic business case for Microsoft Dynamics CRM based on sound investment decisions.

Achieve a predictable, on-time, on-budget, and on-spec Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation that can provide a rapid return on investment and meet your current and future business requirements.

Benefit from an extra layer of due diligence and quality control for a Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployment that is partner-led, helping optimize implementation through architecture, customization, design, and performance reviews, as well as project governance oversight.

Achieve fast and effective upgrades of Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions through a set of consulting services and tools, which include an upgrade assessment and upgrade deployment solutions.

Sure Step Methodology

Sure Step is a standardized methodology from Microsoft that includes a collection of tools, templates, and best practices for use in all phases of a Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation. It provides a framework for envisioning your solution, as well as predictable, repeatable activities for consistent delivery success.


Single solution to support its expansion and service quality

Working closely with Microsoft Services, Centene Corporation deployed an initial rollout of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to a test group in only three months. In recently launched call centers, the company has eased adoption, improved productivity by 10 percent, reduced training time by 30 percent, driven business agility, and gained business insight. Additionally, the company now has a 360-degree view of member data, allowing for more effective customer service.

Over 50 percent reduction in deployment time boosts time to value

Microsoft Services support with project envisioning, architecting, delivery, and support helped this international telecom accelerate its time to solution, conserve costs, reduce customer support average call times by 50 percent, and increase customer satisfaction by 5 percent in only two months.