Enterprise Grade Solutions

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Enterprise Grade Solutions

The world of work is changing, and your employees want flexibility in where and when they work and in what devices they use. But providing convenient and safe access to meaningful corporate information on personal or multiple devices requires new approaches in how you manage security and maintain consistency and compatibility across device platforms and line-of-business applications. Microsoft Services helps you use new technologies and innovations driven by IT trends such as the consumerization of IT (CoIT) and bring your own device (BYOD). Our solutions can help you envision the experience you want for your employees and customers and build the apps and deploy the infrastructure that will meet the needs of your business and offer the best possible return on investment.

Your value

Microsoft Services can offer you these benefits:

  • Anywhere connectivity: Provide your people with secure access to information and applications—whenever they need it, from virtually anywhere

  • Personalized experience: Use client technologies and services that anticipate your users’ needs, remember preferences, and adapt to an individual’s unique way of working

  • Intelligent infrastructure: Realize better security, streamlined management, and reduced costs, both on-premises and in the cloud

  • Compelling Windows 8 application experiences: Improve user productivity through role-specific solutions across multiple devices and locations

Our approach

The journey begins with an Envisioning Workshop to see what’s possible. We then work with you to identify the business impact you want to drive and estimate your potential return on the investments based on a business value assessment. Regardless of whether your solution lies with changes to your infrastructure, your applications, or both, we work with you on its design, lab test it, and manage a secure pilot. Along with the focus on your mission-critical systems and infrastructure, we also work with you on creating a great experience for your employees and the end users of your applications.

The Enterprise Grade Solutions are dependent on your goals and needs. Most customers use some combination of the business, application, or infrastructure elements of the solution.

To help align changes to your IT environment with your business goals:

  • An Envisioning Workshop, facilitated by architect-level experts, explores options for deploying Windows 8 and Office 2013, building rich UI and touch-enabled, mission-critical apps; transforming desktop architectures; and learning how System Center Configuration Manager 2012 can help accelerate Windows 8 deployment.

  • A Business Value Workshop focuses exclusively on quantifying the business value of your organization’s critical IT imperatives. Each stage of the workshop is governed by the size and complexity of your organization and by the knowledge of the individual stakeholders involved in the data-gathering process.

Microsoft Services can guide your team through a design-led engagement to build a Windows 8 application that can re-imagine how your organization works. Incredible efficiencies can be gained when you take advantage of new device form factors and usability designs. A number of solution elements can help you build an amazing user experience, including:

  • An Application Development Proof-of-Concept Workshop that will help you understand business value and get immersed in Windows 8 application development through hands-on development of a rapid prototype for executive demonstration (with an optional one-day infrastructure overview). This includes Windows 8 application coding labs for select enterprise line-of-business scenarios.

  • An Application Development Pilot Workshop that helps you design and develop a Windows 8 solution for a specific business scenario. These services include architecture and user experience design, followed by development of a test-ready application.

These services help assess the benefits of your solution’s infrastructure elements and assist in deploying it successfully:


Retailer improves sales performance and customer experience

To help its sales force better support customers, multimedia and domestic electronics products retailer Boulanger worked with Microsoft Services to test a Windows 8 mobile solution in two of its stores. Within two months, Microsoft Services developed an application that connects the specific requirements of Boulanger to the capabilities and ergonomics of Windows 8 tablets.

Seton Hall students powered by Windows 8

See how Windows 8 devices and operating system helped Seton Hall University improve its network security, simplify IT management, and equip students with tools that work for them now and prepare them for the future.

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