Platform for Business Evolution

Platform for Business Evolution

Microsoft is uniquely positioned to support you as you adapt and evolve in response to today’s rapidly changing business and technological landscape. It is our intent to ensure that our customers’ IT systems and application portfolios keep pace with their changing business, are able to turn ambient data into powerful business insight, and can efficiently innovate with the cloud solution best suited for their business, allowing our customers to stay focused on the future.

Customer stories

Postal service reinvents itself to help achieve a national vision

To support the national vision to increase citizen empowerment through technology, Botswana Postal Services needed to upgrade its entire IT infrastructure. In just 18 months, Microsoft Services helped the organization create a strategy, deploy a private cloud infrastructure, upgrade core infrastructure software, and deploy new communications solutions.

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Financial services firm gains speed and reduces costs

Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.’s upgrade to the Windows Server 2012 operating system will help its remote employees be more productive, and by doing so will enable its developers to deliver new services to its customers faster. Microsoft Services helped the company select and deploy product options that enhance server security and availability, reduce maintenance work, trim storage costs by 40 percent, and reduce wide area network (WAN) and branch office server costs.

"Working with our Microsoft Services consultant was great; he was an absolute go-getter,” says Sean Burch, Systems Administrator at Jack Henry & Associates. “Any time we ran into a technical question, he had the answer or found the answer very quickly."

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Cost reduction and competitive edge drive public cloud solution

Europcar South Africa discovered that the secret to delivering superior pricing and service is having cutting-edge technology in the data center. The company recently created a private cloud environment to keep operating costs low and deliver new services quickly. Europcar estimates that it has boosted IT efficiency by more than 85 percent and reduced operating costs by 35 percent, which includes a 25 percent reduction in data center energy costs. It has also compressed disaster recovery from two hours to 15 minutes. Microsoft Services worked closely with in-house teams and Europcar’s partners, providing architectural guidance and supervision. The local Microsoft team enrolled Europcar in the Microsoft Technology Adoption Program for Windows Server 2012 to make sure it had access to Microsoft resources while it explored the new operating system.

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Next Generation Reporting Performance

Infosys' parallel data warehouse (PDW) processing engine scaled out data loading which provided the highest performance at scale. In the future if Infosys has high concurrency and complex queries at scale, PDW will be able to handle this with ease.

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