Premier Mission Critical Support

Premier Mission Critical Support

Premier Mission Critical Support

Your business success is directly tied to the strength and stability of your mission-critical systems; outages can be costly in terms of dollars, customer impact, and reputation. With Premier Mission Critical Support, you receive the highest level of service and support Microsoft can offer to help drive higher performance and uptime of your critical solutions built on Microsoft technologies.

Your value

With Microsoft Premier Mission Critical Support, you receive enhanced support for your mission-critical solutions through guaranteed response times backed by financial credits, round-the-clock access to expertise, and prioritized access to Microsoft product development teams. These services help provide:

  • Higher performance and uptime in demanding and mission-critical environments

  • Business continuity

  • Improved ability in your IT teams to manage new technologies

Our approach

With services spanning from solution validation and architectural reviews to proactive and problem-resolution services, Premier Mission Critical Support delivers personalized support coverage through designated support professionals who understand a customer’s unique solution configuration and deployment environment, helping to provide faster response time and more effective problem resolution. These services can include:

  • Review of your infrastructure for opportunities to reduce risk and optimize support

  • Partnership with a Microsoft Solution Engineer who facilitates proactive services, remediation, and problem resolution measures, as well as sharing best practices and materials

  • Expedited, round-the-clock support coverage for high-severity incidents from a select team of experienced Microsoft support engineers

If you depend on external e-commerce and collaboration solutions, Microsoft Services can put your mind at ease by providing a solution that helps improve health and performance. Premier Mission Critical for Collaboration and Commerce protects your collaboration and business-critical process workflows, safeguarding your systems against failure.

Email is the most widely adopted online collaboration tool in the world, and the demand for high availability has never been stronger. Premier Mission Critical for Global Email helps increase performance and uptime when your email is more than just communications and collaboration—your revenue and business processes also depend on it.

Platform modernization promises increased speed, more flexibility, and new features to help your business respond to quickly changing demands. Premier Mission Critical for Platform Modernization with Microsoft SQL Server helps you realize this promise by focusing on the best performance possible in your solution environment and fastest solution-based response time available from Microsoft, if issues arise.

Moving to cloud computing involves more than just building a private cloud. The challenge is to leverage your existing investments, infrastructure, and skill sets to build a cloud that will work for you today and in the future. Premier Mission Critical for Datacenter and Private Cloud helps maximize the performance and uptime you and your customers expect.

Combining components that run on different systems and platforms to create a single, coherent system is a significant undertaking. Reacting to changing business requirements is key to meeting your objectives, but you still require access to your legacy systems. Premier Mission Critical for Mainframe Integration helps maximize the performance and uptime of your legacy systems during the transition.

Microsoft Dynamics AX integrates every aspect of your business. Premier Mission Critical for Dynamics Solutions with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 helps you lower program and people risk of failure associated with ERP change, access state-of-the-art operational support, and receive the fastest response times available from Microsoft for your solution.


Dedicated support protects sensitive information in mainframe migration

RDW, the Dutch motor vehicle agency, migrated its records for millions of active vehicles, driver’s licenses, and environmental inspections without slowing its nearly 1.3 million information exchanges a day with Dutch police, insurance companies, municipalities, and other organizations. RDW saves US$1.5 million a year with the new system and has dramatically improved transaction performance.

Cost savings and efficiencies just the beginning

This government agency streamlined processes, reduced cost, and eliminated multi-day delays in support resolution caused by different vendors owning pieces of their systems. Plus, in the words of the IT director, “With the peace of mind we get through our Premier Mission Critical plan, we can focus on strategic initiatives instead of constantly worrying about troubleshooting the latest problem.”