Premier Support for Developers

Microsoft Premier Support for Developers provides end-to-end managed support across the full Microsoft developer platform: on-premises, hybrid, or in the cloud—helping your company throughout the development lifecycle. 

By working side by side with experts from Microsoft and engaging in training programs, workshops,and labs we will help your organization to enhance skills, to develop with Microsoft standards and recommended practices in mind, and create more secure and high performing applications.

Value for your Company

Value for your Company
  • Accelerate innovation by building more successful solutions and overcoming roadblocks from design to deployment.
  • Reduce risks by staying ahead of security threads across the entire software application lifecycle.
  • Capitalize on the Cloud's potential by receiving end-to-end support and guidance across technical, software development methodology and architecture.
  • Expand your company's knowledge of Microsoft technologies by attending workshops taught by Microsoft engineers with specialized expertise.
  • Our Approach
  • By choosing Microsoft Premier Support for Developers, you  will get a personalized Developer experience including
Our Approach
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  • An assigned Application Development Manager who provides advice, code samples, and deep technical experience to help your enterprise plan, build, deploy, and support quality solutions.
  • Enhanced development support including access to Microsoft support - engineering and deep technical services such as labs, workshops, code reviews, and optimization.
  • Support assistance and problem resolution with 24x7 reactive support and escalation management on developer technology and products to help triage issues.
  • Application Lifecycle Management mentoring to enhance skills, help you design with industry-best practices, and create higher-quality solutions.

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