Relentless on Security

Protecting customer data is a primary focus of Microsoft Customer Support & Services (CSS).

Deep Experience

We have developed our practices and policies as a result of over thirty five years of experience in securing data through innovative information technology solutions.

Security Development Lifecycle

Microsoft’s Security Development Lifecycle ensures security and privacy is incorporated by design from software development through service operations.

Access Restriction

Access to customer data is restricted to only authorized users.

Layered Security Approach

Data is secured in multiple layers – including network, system, application, and physical. This layered approach provides safeguards across many tiers for maximum data protection.

Security Guide

Protecting customer data is a fundamental focus of Microsoft CSS. We recognize that customers expect their data to be rigorously controlled and carefully handled. To help protect customer data, we offer a comprehensive security program utilizing a “defense in depth” approach. Our security program covers critical areas such as:

  • Physical Security- including 24-hour monitoring of data centers.
  • Logical Security– including logical isolation of data between customers.
  • Encryption– including the encryption of customer data-in-transit and transmitted across the network, using SSL/TLS encryption, Secure-FTP and similar technologies.
  • Identity and Vendor Management– including restricted access to your data, controlled by a rigorous access control process.
  • Network Security– including segregation of the internal data center network from the external network.
  • Security Development Lifecycle– including applications used by our Contact Center Engineers being built by following the Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle, which helps to ensure that security and privacy are incorporated by design, from software development to service operation.

We review our requirements regularly to refresh our approach to protecting your data, and to help ensure that we are investing in the appropriate technology and controls that contribute to the protection of your data.

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