Nokia Lumia 630
Nokia Lumia 630 3.8 5 20 20
this product is awsome really nic to use nokia lumia 630 single sim ....had a great exprenss towards phone apps was nic ....maps was nic prossecser was to fast 7 July, 2014
awesome product at affordable price Dual sim phone with 8.1 windows OS and quad core processor and gorilla glass display looks like iPhone I thank full to nokia Please purchase and have a fun 11 June, 2014
A good phone with win 8.1 I have been using Nokia Lumia 620 since September 2013. I am a phone geek and except Iphone used almost all major brands. My limited research shows that Nokia is a brand which has very little user complaints on account of hardware as compared to other popular brands. Mostly the complaints on features. To me hardware is an important buying decision atleast for peace of mind if not for any other reason. I purchased Lumia 630 (Single SIM) recently and enjoying Windows 8.1 platform. The phone has good OS, responsive touch screen, clear audio and voice reception, good 3G connectivity and tons of user options like stopping background apps (saves battery and data usage) unlike competitor's OS. It is sleek and settles well in hand and is quite light weight. Limitations I feel are: 1. No LED flash. No photography in night 2. Camera quality for 5 MP is below expectations as compared to competitors like Sony (same 5 MP) 3. No earphone!!! and charger given is cheap which generally comes with Rs. 2000 phones. I am using the charger of Lumia 630 Nokia should seriously consider revising the price to Rs. 8,000 with proper charger and earphone as standard accessories if it desires this phone to continue in the market 27 June, 2014
Perfect in this Price Range I was previously using Lumia 520 and Lumia 630 is the next i bought, the phone is much customizable and this is best in this way, various features have been added, though store has been increased with apps, still it need work but anyway i am old user of nokia and i trust as my first brand. Concluding by its use i will recommend to go for it if you don't want to put garbage in your phone. Summary: Look and Attraction:4.5/5; The best part is TO FEEL THE BLACK SCREEN. Camera:4/5; flash needed. Music and Videos:5/5; Youtube hd is available. Processor:4.5/5; Fast and Smooth. Customization: 4.5/5; Don't compare with Andoid bcz OS is different. 15 June, 2014
best budget p[hone its a very good phone compared to other phones at same rate. 9 August, 2014
good Good in look and less waitage 26 July, 2014
perfect budget phone Lumia 630 is a Perfect Budget Phone and perfect for daily rough usage. 14 September, 2014
woah...amazing... I've been using Lumia 630 for 2 months now, and its fantastic. Best windows phone ever. 12 September, 2014
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