How do I manage the memory on my Nokia E51 device?

To see available free memory, select Menu > Options > Memory details > Phone memory or Memory card.

This device uses a microSD memory card. To ensure interoperability, use only compatible microSD cards with this device.

To manage a memory card select Menu > Tools > Memory.

To insert the memory card to the device do following:

  1. With the back of the device facing you, press the release button, and slide the back cover off.
  2. Insert the memory card in the slot with the contact area first. Make sure that the contact area is facing the connectors on the device.
  3. Push the card in until it locks into place.
  4. Close the back cover.

To format a memory card, select Options > Format memory card. When a memory card is formatted, all data on the card is lost permanently.To protect your memory card set a password, select Options > Set password. The password can be up to eight characters long and is case-sensitive. The password is stored in your device. You do not need to enter it again while you use the memory card in the same device. If you use the memory card in another device, you are asked for the password.

To remove the memory card do following:

  1. Press the power key briefly, and select Remove memory card.
  2. Press the release button and slide off the back cover.
  3. Press the end of the memory card to release it from the memory card slot.
  4. Close the back cover.

Do not remove the memory card in the middle of an operation when the card is being accessed. Removing the card in the middle of an operation may damage the memory card as well as the device, and data stored on the card may be corrupted.