Learn how to view and edit Microsoft Word and PDF documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, how to use the dictionaries, and how to make notes and calculations.


Learn how to view Microsoft Word and PDF documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

About Quickoffice

Select qtg-toolbar-menu.jpg > Quickoffice.

Quickoffice consists of the following:

  • Quickword for viewing Microsoft Word documents

  • Quicksheet for viewing Microsoft Excel worksheets

  • Quickpoint for viewing Microsoft PowerPoint presentations

To buy the editor version of Quickoffice, select Updates and upgrades.

The office apps support common features of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel (Microsoft Office 2000, XP, and 2003). Not all file formats are supported.

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Read Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents

You can view Microsoft Office documents, such as Word documents, Excel worksheets, or PowerPoint presentations.

Select qtg-toolbar-menu.jpg > Quickoffice.

Open a file

Select Browse files and the memory where the file is stored, browse to the correct folder, and select the file.

Sort files

Select Options icon > Sort by.

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Read PDF documents

Select qtg-toolbar-menu.jpg > Adobe Reader.

Open a file

Select Browse files and the memory where the file is stored. Browse to the correct folder, and select the file.

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Use the calculator

Select qtg-toolbar-menu.jpg > Calculator.

  1. Type in the first number of the calculation.

  2. Select a function, such as add or subtract.

  3. Type in the second number of the calculation.

  4. Select =.

Write a note

Notes on paper are easy to lose. Instead of writing them down, you can save your notes and lists on your phone, so you always have them with you. You can also send your notes to friends and family.

Select qtg-toolbar-menu.jpg > Notes.

  1. Select Add icon, then write your note in the note box.

  2. Select Save.

Send a note

Open the note, then select Options icon > Send and the sending method.

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Translate words

You can translate words from one language to another.

Select qtg-toolbar-menu.jpg > Dictionary.

  1. Write a word in the search field. Suggestions of words to translate are shown.

  2. Select the word from the list.

  3. To listen to the pronunciation, select Options icon > Listen

Change the source or target language

Select Options icon > Languages > Source or Target.

Download more languages from the internet

Select Options icon > Languages > Download languages.

English is preinstalled, and you can add two additional languages. Not all languages may be supported.

Open or create zip files

You can open and extract files from zip files. You can also create new zip files, to store and compress files.

Select qtg-toolbar-menu.jpg > Zip.