Latest software update

Latest software release for Nokia Lumia 800 is SW 1750.0823.885x.124x0
The availability of this update may depend on your network service provider.

What's new in this release

  • New start screen experience with resizable tiles: to change the size, tap and hold the live tile
  • Theme colours added
  • Lock screen improvements: Bing photo of the day as wallpaper, and accidental input protection for the security code
  • Operating system version 7.10.8862.144
  • Fix for functionality issues with Live Tiles, such as Live Tiles not updating
  • After the update, check out Nokia Collection in Marketplace for new or updated Nokia apps, such as Bluetooth Share

How to update software

Software updates from Microsoft are free of charge and safe to install, and your settings, apps, photos, and text messages will remain safe and sound.

Step 1.

Your phone notifies you when an update is available for you. To update your phone, you need the Zune software (Windows) or Windows Phone app for Mac on your computer.

Step 2.

Connect your phone to your computer with a compatible USB cable.

Step 3.

Start the Zune software or Windows Phone app and follow the instructions shown.

Documents and files

  • MAC Windows Phone Connector

    Download the Windows Phone Connector for Mac from Mac App store to synchronise media files with your phone and download phone updates.

  • PC Zune PC Application

    Use the Zune PC app to connect your phone to a computer. You can update your phone with new features and improved performance, and transfer music and videos between your phone and computer.