Apps, Media & Publishing is one of the newest product groups in Microsoft, building online consumer apps for the Windows 8 platform. These high engagement consumer apps are built for the new touch-friendly interface and since they address some of the most common tasks a user engages in, they come pre-installed in Windows 8.

The AMP team at MSIDC is working on building apps for Finance, Sports, Weather and Travel Destinations which will be used by all Windows users.

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Our team at MSIDC supported Microsoft Corp in the development of the following pre-installed apps for Windows 8:

  • Bing Weather: Immersive experience to view current conditions with beautiful background images, Interactive maps , forecasts up to 10 days , severe weather alerts , exclusive live tiles and historical weather conditions around the world in 108 Languages.

  • Bing Finance: The most globally relevant and comprehensive financial market app covering around 55 exchanges across 36 countries. In partnership with globally established brands, this app also brings top business news from across the world.

  • Bing Sports: Delivers a visually enriching sporting experience that includes sporting news, headlines, videos, live scores and statistics for all major sports.

  • Travel Destinations: An exploratory experience that provides comprehensive multi-provider information about what it’s like, what to do when you get there, where to stay & eat at 3000 travel destinations around the world.



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meet russ

Rasipuram (Russ) Arun, General Manager, Bing Search & Advertising, MSIDC

Russ Arun is the General Manager for Bing Search & Advertising at Microsoft India Development Center.  Prior to this role, Russ was the Partner Group Program Manager for Display Ads and then Search Ads in the Online Services Division (OSD).

Before working in OSD, Russ worked for the Windows Live team and was responsible for the server side of Messenger, Hotmail, storage, mobile and alerts. In a previous incarnation of this role, Russ was General Manager for the Live Platform Services backend team and led the transition of Hotmail, Messenger and Storage through a critical period to increase their operational efficiency and compete effectively. His work was recognized by his peers through the “Outstanding Technical Leadership” award given by the Technical Community Network. Prior to this role, Russ was the General Manager for MSN Mobile.

Russ’ earlier work in Microsoft includes Windows 95, IE 3.0, IE 4.0 and.Net CF. Before Microsoft, Russ was a development manager at Sun Micrososystems working on Windows & networking products.

Russ holds an MBA from UCLA, MS from Syracuse University and BS from IIT Madras. His hobbies include water activities, racquet sports, hiking, skiing and traveling.