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The Bing team a.k.a Search Technology Center India at MSIDC is contributing features and functionality across search platform, and user experiences with the key areas of focus in Local, Weather, Autos, Events, Attractions, Finance, Recipes, Technology, Sports and Health segments.

recent activity

Some notable contributions made by Search Technology Center India include:

  • Bing Answers for Events, Autos, Tech, Sports, Product Search, Health, Weather, Finance, Recipes & Dictionary

  • Powering the data for Windows 8.1 SmartSearch experience

  • Relevance improvements in web ranking using microsegment ranking techniques

  • Platform for shipping relevance features for multiple markets

  • Local Search for markets including India, UK , Australia

  • Bing Places for Businesses to help SMB owners reach out to their customers via Bing

  • User Experience improvements for Bing Search Results across markets



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meet russ

Rasipuram (Russ) Arun, General Manager, Bing Search & Advertising, MSIDC

Russ Arun is the General Manager for Bing Search & Advertising at Microsoft India Development Center.  Prior to this role, Russ was the Partner Group Program Manager for Display Ads and then Search Ads in the Online Services Division (OSD).

Before working in OSD, Russ worked for the Windows Live team and was responsible for the server side of Messenger, Hotmail, storage, mobile and alerts. In a previous incarnation of this role, Russ was General Manager for the Live Platform Services backend team and led the transition of Hotmail, Messenger and Storage through a critical period to increase their operational efficiency and compete effectively. His work was recognized by his peers through the “Outstanding Technical Leadership” award given by the Technical Community Network. Prior to this role, Russ was the General Manager for MSN Mobile.

Russ’ earlier work in Microsoft includes Windows 95, IE 3.0, IE 4.0 and.Net CF. Before Microsoft, Russ was a development manager at Sun Micrososystems working on Windows & networking products.

Russ holds an MBA from UCLA, MS from Syracuse University and BS from IIT Madras. His hobbies include water activities, racquet sports, hiking, skiing and traveling.