Bing Ads is Microsoft’s online advertising platform. It enables advertisers to connect with target consumers across multiple digital touch points through both brand and direct marketing messages. The objective is to enable advertisers to reach the right audience, at the right time with the right message. It also aims at enabling publishers (e.g. search engines, websites, apps) to monetize their assets while optimizing for end user experience of the publisher medium.

The Bing Ads team at MSIDC, Bangalore contributes to both Search Advertising and Display Advertising.

In Search Advertising, the team works on the following areas:

• adQuality: Ensuring that all the ads available in our system for serving are high quality. This team helps to ensure that any ad with objectionable content, intent of spamming users or spreading malware is not eligible for serving through our platform.

• adInsights: Ensuring that advertiser have right insights to tune their campaigns to get maximum ROI. The team contributes towards building algorithms/ tools for keywords, bids, and budget recommendations; ad Diagnostics tools; and other campaign insights mechanisms like QS (quality score) and SOV (Share of Voice).

• International Marketplace: The team works on migration and RPS (Revenue per search) in all international markets except North America and Double Byte countries.

• Bing Ads Express: The team is contributing towards building Bing Ads Express which will help it easy for a small advertiser to participate in Bing Ads. The product will take all the complexity of the search advertising from the advertisers while still delivering the ROI.

In Display Advertising, the team at MSIDC is working on Publisher Applications and Business Intelligence. It is contributing towards building cool new ways for Windows 8 Developers to easily monetize their Apps, giving them better insights, building scalable business intelligence pipelines using distributed computing grids (map-reduce) and cool visualization technologies like PowerView.



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meet russ

Rasipuram (Russ) Arun, General Manager, Bing Search & Advertising, MSIDC

Russ Arun is the General Manager for Bing Search & Advertising at Microsoft India Development Center.  Prior to this role, Russ was the Partner Group Program Manager for Display Ads and then Search Ads in the Online Services Division (OSD).

Before working in OSD, Russ worked for the Windows Live team and was responsible for the server side of Messenger, Hotmail, storage, mobile and alerts. In a previous incarnation of this role, Russ was General Manager for the Live Platform Services backend team and led the transition of Hotmail, Messenger and Storage through a critical period to increase their operational efficiency and compete effectively. His work was recognized by his peers through the “Outstanding Technical Leadership” award given by the Technical Community Network. Prior to this role, Russ was the General Manager for MSN Mobile.

Russ’ earlier work in Microsoft includes Windows 95, IE 3.0, IE 4.0 and.Net CF. Before Microsoft, Russ was a development manager at Sun Micrososystems working on Windows & networking products.

Russ holds an MBA from UCLA, MS from Syracuse University and BS from IIT Madras. His hobbies include water activities, racquet sports, hiking, skiing and traveling.