software design engineer

In common parlance, a Software Design Engineer (SDE) in the IT industry is expected to write good and sustainable code. However, at Microsoft, the role has a far deeper significance. Our strong culture of empowerment and innovation encourages an SDE to own and evangelize the product or offering, and not just put it together—thereby impacting millions of people all over the world. Our broad range of products allows our SDEs to grow and nurture their skills, so that they are always on the cutting edge of technology. This encourages the adoption of a diverse range of skills, be it in Systems, Databases, Web Development, Devices or the host of other areas in the company’s vast portfolio of offerings.


  • Build strong partnerships with program management and test partners to design and prioritize features.

  • Develop a peer network of extremely smart people, all working towards the same goal of helping and satisfying customers. This gives the SDE a great opportunity to be nurtured and mentored in the community.

required qualifications & competencies

  • Passion for writing code that is readable and consumable by future owners, ability to analyse complex codes.

  • Ability to decipher and break down a problem logically and methodically so as to efficiently arrive at a solution.

  • Ability to design modularly and understand technical implications of such design choices.

  • Ability to work well with other functional peers in a collaborative environment.

  • Good customer focus and understand the end-user impact of any architecture.

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