Microsoft Corporation’s Visual Studio product line simplifies the entire development process from design to deployment. The prototyping, modeling and design tools help unleash creativity and transform visions to working software for individual developers and for teams. Coding is faster than ever before as the developer can leverage existing code and skills to write applications targeting platforms, including Windows Phone, SharePoint and Windows Azure applications. It enables developers and testers to work better together and save time with integrated testing and debugging tools. They can find and fix bugs quickly to make sure their solutions meet the highest possible quality standards.

Our Developer Tools teams at MSIDC contributes to many parts of the Visual Studio product line and Visual Studio Online services. For Visual Studio product, the team contributes to Developer Productivity Tools, Testing Tools (Manual, Automated, Unit Tests, Load and Performance), Release Management and Lab Management. For Visual Studio Online services, the team contributes to Test Case Management and Load Testing services.

recent activity

Our team at MSIDC supported Microsoft Corp in the development of:

  • Visual Studio Test Professional 2013

  • Visual Studio Lab Management 2013

  • Load and Automation Testing Solutions in Visual Studio 2013

  • Release Management for Visual Studio 2013

  • Developer Productivity Tools in Visual Studio 2013



Manual Testing with VSTS 2010

Naysawn Naderi takes us through manual testing in Visual Studio Team System 2010. Naysawn shows off how the manual testing capabilities allow not only for better authoring and execution of manual tests, but can also be a tool to help automate portions of manual tests as well.

Lab Management in VSTS 2010

Lab Management integrates with the rest of the Visual Studio to help testers more easily test a variety of configurations in a virtual lab environment, and help developers more easily repro bugs by delivering snapshots of those virtualized environments after bugs are discovered.

Windows Phone Developer Resources

meet anil

Anil Bhansali, MD, Microsoft India (R&D) Pvt Ltd and General Manager, Cloud & Enterprise,  MSIDC

Anil Bhansali is the Managing Director of Microsoft India (R&D) Pvt Ltd and the General Manager of the Cloud and Enterprise engineering teams at MSIDC.

A 23-year veteran at Microsoft, Anil began his career with Microsoft in Redmond in 1991 as part of the Office division where he worked on MS Excel for multiple releases. He was the Partner Development Manager in the Office Shared Services Team that worked on SharePoint Team Services V1.0 and Windows SharePoint Service version 2.0.

Anil relocated to India in 2004 as Director of the Windows Live Platforms Services Group. He established and drove several engineering efforts at MSIDC before taking over the engineering leadership of the Windows feature engineering group within MSIDC in 2006. From 2011 onwards Anil is leading teams working on engineering features for the Cloud and Enterprise division.

Anil has a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Computer Science from SUNY, Stony Brook.

When not at work, Anil spends time with his children at home or travelling. He has a passion for street food, has trekked to the Everest Base camp and enjoys spreading the written word via social work at Pustakar. He is also a marathon runner and has completed several national and international marathons including the New York marathon.