engineering groups

Teams at MSIDC are aligned to four engineering groups at Microsoft Corporation, namely Application & Services (A&S), Cloud & Enterprise (C&E), Microsoft Business Solutions (MBS) and Operating Systems (OS).

application & services

At Microsoft Corporation, this group includes broad applications and services core technologies in productivity, communication, search and other information categories.

At MSIDC, Apps, Media & Publishing (AMP), Bing, Bing Ads and Microsoft Office Division teams are aligned to this engineering group.

cloud & enterprise

At Microsoft Corporation, this includes back-end technologies like datacenter, database and specific technologies for enterprise IT scenarios and development tools.

At MSIDC, Developer Tools, Windows Azure, Windows Server & System Center (WSSC), Networking and Failover Replication (FR) teams are aligned to this engineering group.

microsoft business solutions

At Microsoft Corporation, Microsoft Business Solutions includes the portfolio of Microsoft Dynamics products and services, as well as Microsoft Health Solutions.

At MSIDC, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM team is aligned to this engineering group.

operating systems

At Microsoft Corporation, this spans all OS work for console, to mobile device, to PC, to back-end systems. The core cloud services for the operating system will be in this group.

At MSIDC, Reader and Windows Customer Experience teams are aligned to this engineering group.