operating systems

At Microsoft Corporation, this spans all OS work for console, to mobile device, to PC, to back-end systems. The core cloud services for the operating system will be in this group.

At MSIDC, Reader and Windows Customer Experience teams are aligned to this engineering group.



Reader refers to the set of system and application experiences that are shipped as part and parcel of the Windows Operating System by Microsoft Corporation.

Our team at Hyderabad contributes to the engineering of application experiences that are part of Windows, such as Reader, Paint, Calculator, WordPad, Notepad and Sticky Notes. Some of the platforms that they work with are Windows Runtime, XAML, Windows Ribbon, Multi-touch and Rich Text Framework.



windows customer experience

The mission of Microsoft Corporation’s Windows Customer Experience Engineering (Windows CXE) team is to consistently provide seamless updates that bring features and bug fixes that add value and improve quality for customers by focusing on innovation of solution, tools and engineering excellence. Team aims at keeping Windows installations secure, reliable, scalable and high on performance through various updates.

The Windows Customer Experience Engineering (Windows CXE) team at MSIDC delivers updates to all released versions of Windows and helps keep the Windows platform safe, secure and productive for consumers, software/hardware vendors, developers and enterprises.


employee speak

My job gives me the flexibility to pick my roles to fulfill my goals.


Senior Program Manager

I have an opportunity to deliver engineering excellence and customer value – release after release.


Senior Software Design Engineer