It's never ‘all work and no play’ at the MSIDC. Our open and fun work environment provides opportunities for some great recreational facilities, social interest clubs and social service activities that promote sharing and collaboration.

Since inception, Microsoft and its employees have been giving back to the community. Microsoft’s first organized act of philanthropy started with the United Way Giving Campaign in 1983. Bill Gates started with the United Way because of his long-standing family history of commitment to the United Way of King County. MSIDC has embraced this great corporate tradition of Giving since the year 2000. The annual Microsoft Giving Campaign is a dedicated time to raise awareness and generate contributions for non-profit organizations. Microsoft matches employee contributions up to a fixed amount per employee, and distributes the same to all recipient organizations. There are multiple activities conducted by different regions and business divisions across the globe. In India, the activities and programs remain aligned to the core philosophy of the company. There are additional programs that are created to engage employees in volunteering for different causes.


Apart from the annual Giving Campaign, MSIDC employees have also been actively involved in an array of other initiatives. Skills-based volunteering with non-profits, Days of Giving where employees head out to various NGOs to spend time with the organizations, as well as dedicated digital inclusion programs are some initiatives.

As part of our annual Giving Campaign, we handed over sanitation facilities to 42 schools in Telangana, Haryana and Karnataka. This marked the culmination of a six-month long awareness campaign about sanitation and hygiene for 10,746 students in these 42 schools.

Sporting events such as Cricket Hungama @ Campus and Soccer Mania @ Campus are organized as cross-campus annual tournaments every year.