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Multi-cultural, multi-lingual and multi-national – characteristics that have come to be associated more and more with Hyderabad and Bangalore since the early 1990s. Given the phenomenal growth these cities have experienced across technology domains (IT, ITES and biotechnology), it’s easy to understand why every year a large number of skilled employees relocate to the cities from different parts of India and the world. In fact, in the past few years these two cities have lured back several NRIs, who are now happily settled here.


What makes these great cities to be in?

Residential Infrastructure:

It’s easy to find affordable accommodation. At MSIDC you’ll also have access to real estate and house rental forums, where you can get first-hand advice on the HOWs, WHEREs and WHYs of finding a good home for yourself.

Recreation, Shopping and Food:

You will be spoilt with choices on weekends--shopping malls offering a wide range of both local products and global super-brands, lots of movie theaters and multiplexes, theme parks and restaurants serving up specialized global cuisines.

Hospitals and Schools:

To support the growing needs of a growing population, these cities have world-class facilities in specialty hospitals and healthcare centers. These facilities are well spread out to all parts of the cities for easy and fast access. Both cities have a good number of international schools as well.


The “Hyderabadi” culture is all about inclusion. You can see this in the way people share a cup of tea in a roadside café or in the way people from diverse cultures easily feel at home here. People are generally friendly and helpful. What’s more, you are likely to come across a lot of people like you, who have relocated to Hyderabad!

Hyderabad is a city that offers something to everyone. With a 400-year history, its monuments are a sight for history buffs. The city’s pearls, bangle bazaars and culinary delicacies delight shoppers and gourmets alike. Cyberabad, the new name for the IT district of Hyderabad, is home to many of the world’s leading software and hardware companies. Here, ancient forts co-exist with hi-tech software and biotech centers, creating an interesting environment of fused and inclusive culture.

Bangalore has beautifully combined its rich cultural heritage with its technological and industrial accomplishments. The blend of tradition with the modern culture has made Bangalore one of the most happening cities in India. If on one side, the city has acquired the status of the IT capital of India, on the other there is a revival of age-old traditional art forms. The fusion of the old and the new can be seen in every aspect of Bangalore culture, right from its theatre to its arts and crafts.

The synthesis of many cultures has given the city a cosmopolitan character, seen in few other cities of India. Bangalore, the fastest growing city of India, comprises a dynamic blend of people, belonging to various religions, castes and communities. The phenomenal growth of the IT industry has given the city an international character.

employee speak

My experience in MS, for the last 9+ years, has been an amazing one. I am given full freedom, ownership for my areas so that I can do my best in that (very few companies have this). I have been part of the Windows team all along and I worked on components of Windows which reach to millions of customers worldwide. We have lots of smart people around to learn from and lots of fun in office that make it easy to achieve work-life balance, while creating a good impact.

Kiran Dowluru

Software Design Engineer in Test Lead