ux designer

One of our greatest challenges is to fill our products with "spirit" and "magic". This is easier said than done. Designers at Microsoft work side-by-side with the world’s best software developers and usability experts to attain that elusive, yet worthwhile goal. We take what can be a very complex problem and provide product design solutions based on a thorough understanding of the user’s abilities, hopes, and expectations. Through our design, we strive to create simple products that one will also find intuitive to use. We aspire to create beautiful experiences that not only look amazing, but also make users feel amazing about themselves. UX Designers are responsible for designing useful, usable, desirable, and feasible interactions that delight both end users and customers. From informing and envisioning the product plans, to driving success metrics and detailed designs, the UX discipline strives to enhance and elevate the user experience of our products, platforms, and services, thus increasing end-user and customer satisfaction.


  • Understand the user’s needs, goals, hopes.

  • Understand and contribute towards business priorities of the development team – technology, planning, resource.

  • Be a smart and a vocal advocate for the users in the development team.

  • Be responsible for bringing in user data to the product team in collaboration with UX Researchers

  • Own the UX strategy and deliverables. Define the UX for the product, validate them and, by deeply integrating with the development cycle, see that product's UX gets shipped as it was envisioned.

  • Collaborate with other UX researchers and designers in Microsoft to keep the product team synchronized with constantly evolving design philosophies.

required qualifications & competencies

  • Passion for technology.

  • Strong focus on solving actual users needs.

  • Strong creative skills which blossoms when under constraints.

  • Ability to visualize at grand scale and then have capability to get down to details at microscopic levels.

  • Good communicator with words and images.

  • Confident and convincing but humble enough to listen and learn.

  • Design education.

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