A group of employees at the Microsoft Garage workshop displaying wearable tech

Wearables tech hands-on workshop at Microsoft Garage India

Inspired by the current trend of integrating digital technology and wearables into daily life, The Garage India wearable chapter started thinking about something that could be created quickly and can be used to introduce and train more people in wearable tech.

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A group of Microsoft employees displaying their human brain installation at Maker Faire

The Human Brain installation by volunteers from Microsoft Garage India and Maker community at Maker Faire, 2018

Volunteers from Garage India community and the external Maker Community came together to create this Human Brain to demonstrate the power of Art and Technology at the Maker Faire organized by the local Maker community and led by T-works.

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A graphic representation of Quantum Computing

Microsoft Garage India drives the formation of a Special Interest Group in Quantum Computing under IEEE, Computer Society

IEEE Special Interest Group (SIG) has been formed for Quantum Computing under Computer Society. The chairperson of the group is Reena Dayal Yadav. It also includes members from Academia, Industry, and Government Organizations. The group conducted its first workshop in early January.

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Students at a robotic sports event

The Garage sponsors The Olympics of Robots hosted at Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

The Garage India sponsored RoboVR - The Olympics of Robots - a robotics sports event from across India. Robot makers and builders came together on December 15th and 16th to bring in their robots to play 25 human sports like archery, cricket, walkathon, rowing, tug of war, car race to name a few and claim their prize.

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