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How Microsoft MD Anil Bhansali lost his office

The Economic Times, Apr 16, 2015

Not many can boast about having the MD’s cabin for a day. But Phani Chiruvolu, Principal Software Engineer at MSIDC, Hyderabad can just do that. Under the Giving Campaign organized by Microsoft, Phani bid for his MD, Anil Bhansali ’s cabin and ended up winning it. The money generated under the campaign will be donated to the government’s Clean India mission. Microsoft has been holding the month long Giving Campaign for as long as 14 years.

The Hindu: The Dawn of the Intelligence Revolution

The Hindu, March 2, 2015

About 160 students of IIIT and Indian School of Business participated in the first Azure Machine Learning (ML) 24-hour hackathon organized by Microsoft India and IIIT. The event provided students with hands-on experience on Azure tools available to build solutions for Big Data Initiatives.

Microsoft to foster student entrepreneurs

The Hindu

Microsoft has announced the rollout of the ‘Academia Accelerator’ programme to promote innovation and entrepreneurship among engineering students. The company has tied up with ten major engineering colleges in the country to focus on selective areas of computer science to foster greater student-driven innovation and entrepreneurship.

LVPEI, Microsoft launch mobility, sensory stimulation park in Vijayawada

The Hindu

The L V Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI) and Microsoft India Development Centre (MSIDC) on Friday jointly launched a new initiative to support the visually challenged here in Vijayawada on Friday. The initiative is a Mobility and Sensory Stimulation Park at LVPEI’s Kode Venkatadri Chowdary Campus in Tadigadapa. A helpline centre at Hyderabad was remotely launched from Vijayawada on Friday.

Microsoft's Accelerator Prog in India: What's it about?


Young Turks interviewed all 11 startups selected for the Microsoft Accelerator for Windows Azure (India). The 11 minute clip aired on September 29 with re-runs on September 30 and October 3. The 11 startups spoke about their business ventures, their USPs, revenue models and future growth plans. They also discussed how they expect the Accelerator to take their startups to the next level of growth.

The Era of the Cloud Operating System, August 31, 2012

With cloud, the 'unit' of hardware abstraction that a server operating system manages has gone beyond a single machine and has reached the level of a 'data centre'.

Today, Microsoft opened its new Azure Accelerator in Bangalore, India – and we were there

The Next Web

Hot on the heels of the launch of the Microsoft Accelerator for Windows Azure program in Israel in April this year, Microsoft is all set to kick off similar proceedings in India. Having narrowed the selection from over 200 down to 11 applicants, the accelerator will incubate these startups over a period of four months, providing office space, Azure credit, technological guidance as well as mentorship from global business and technology thought leaders. A report following the press conference where the final 11 startups were announced by Amit Chatterjee (MD, Microsoft India (R&D) Private Limited).

Working Mom = Bad Mom

Siliconindia Women City

Gunjan is a developer with MSIDC. In this article, she shares the story of her journey from guilt to the realization that to be a great mom, you don't have to give up the job you love.

Think, Speak, Create

India Today Aspire

Mitushi Jain and Ankur Jhawar talk about User Experience—a career that highlights the experiential, affective and valuable aspects of a product through creativity, zeal and enthusiasm

Being a Woman

SiliconIndia Women City

Jayanthi Sampathkumar, Senior Development Lead with the Bing team at Microsoft India Development Center, is a mother of two boys. She shares some tips on how to succeed both at home and work.

Taking User Interface to the Next Level With RemoteFX

PCQuest, April 2012

RemoteFX is a new Hyper-V platform capability for host-based graphics virtualization for VDI. It is designed to provide a media-rich, local-like user experience for virtual and session-based desktops and applications.

The Journey: Early Days to how I got here

SiliconIndia Women City

Charumathy Srinivasan, Principal Development Manager at MSIDC talks about her 20 year journey in Microsoft, her learnings through the process and what she wants to do going forward.

Microsoft joins hands with police for traffic awareness drive

The Economic Times, Dec 21, 2011

Microsoft Hyderabad today announced the successful completion of TOFFEE (Total Offense Free Entity), a traffic awareness initiative organised by the company's employees in association with the Cyberabad Police.  TOFFEE, is a certificate issued by the Cyberabad Police in the form of a sticker, which exempts its holder from being stopped for routine document checks by the traffic police within the Cyberabad Police jurisdiction. This citizenship effort is one of its kind and unique in India, initiated by the employees of an MNC in association with the traffic police, according to a release.

Microsoft Hyderabad reaches out to less privileged

ibnlive, Dec 8, 2011

Microsoft employees at the Hyderabad campus on Thursday completed their 11th annual Giving Campaign, during which they partner with NGOs to address social causes and help the less privileged. The finale celebrations included entertainment put up by employees along with performances by children from NGOs and a karaoke on some hit Hindi film numbers by the leadership teams. During the month-long initiative, being conducted in Hyderabad since 2000, employees partner with NGOs to participate in various activities aimed at addressing diverse social causes and improving the lives of the less privileged. Giving Campaign is a dedicated time to raise awareness and generate contributions for non-profit organizations. Microsoft matches employee contributions up to a fixed amount per employee and distributes amongst all recipient organizations, said a company statement

Microsoft staff get into a generous mood

Hindu, November 24, 2011

In an effort to improve the lives of less privileged in the city, Microsoft employees joined hands to donate, through their ongoing month-long ‘Giving Campaign' that will culminate here on December 8. While ‘NGO days' to raise awareness and generate funds and ‘Community Week' activities forcing employees out of their desk to spend time with underprivileged children, donate blood and build animal shelters, have been annual activities of the IT behemoth; the newly launched ‘teacher training' initiative has been at the forefront of all activities.

A do-it yourself experiment in integration

Hindu Businessline, Aug 29, 2011

The Microsoft-Yahoo alliance decided the first step to building a sense of belonging among the two teams would be to involve them in setting up a common workspace. Once Bangalore was chosen as the base for the new centre, the company hit upon an idea that is, perhaps, one of its kind in the industry: employees of the newly formed entity would collaborate to design their office.

Destination Redmond

Financial Chronicle, Aug 2, 2011

In a new initiative, technology conglomerate Microsoft said it will hire fresh college graduates from India for its Redmond operations along with its two development centers in the country. This is the first time that the technology major has decided to make overseas recruitments from India.

Microsoft opens R&D facility in Bangalore

Times of India, July 26, 2011

Microsoft today announced its new state-of-the-art R&D facility here. The 1,54,000 sq ft building would house the Bangalore Microsoft India Development Centre ( MSIDC) team that contributes to Microsoft Corp's adCenter technologies, as well as the researchers from Microsoft Research India. Microsoft's first R&D centre was set up in Hyderabad in 1998, while Microsoft Research India was established here in 2005.

Office: A Place to Work and Play

New Indian Express, July 27, 2011

Joining a new office is always an overwhelming experience. Even for those, whose years of experience run in double digits. Until the initial wave of apprehension and anxiety washes over, the employees try to make do with whatever best they have at their disposal, in terms of space and colleagues. Now, imagine designing your own office or being a part of the decision making that is responsible for the end result. To most that would sound like a far-fetched dream, but the Microsoft India Research and Development turned this distant dream into reality.

Testing Cloud Apps Developed on Azure

PCQuest, June 30, 2011

Visual Studio 2010 provides various tools for unit-testing, functional testing, and manual testing for Azure apps. Here's some expert advice on how to get going.

Take Your Database to the Cloud with SQL Azure, February 28, 2011

SQL Azure (SQLA) is the cloud based relational database service from Microsoft. SQL Azure servers deliver data services like database creation, transactions and management over the Internet. As compared to traditional on-premise data infrastructure, customers no longer have to bear upfront costs for hardware and platforms.

How to Improve Developer Tester Collaboration, February 3, 2011

Microsoft Test Manager 2010 is an Integrated Test Environment that reduces friction points between developers and testers, resulting in improved collaboration and productivity. Microsoft Test Manager 2010 is available with Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate and Visual Studio Test Professional 2010 editions.

The Neuroscience of Leadership

Business Standard, January 3, 2011

An understanding of leadership and its connection with the brain can help drive efficiency. Neurotransmitters are chemicals located and released in the brain to allow an impulse from one nerve cell to pass to another. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter associated with pleasure. The question is how do you keep dopamine levels of your employee at a level that they come to work every morning feeling excited about the next contribution they will make?

A Lync to All Modes of Communication

Hindu Businessline, December 13, 2010

Microsoft says its new generation unified communication platform, Lync (derived from ‘link' and ‘synchronisation'), allows users such uninterrupted conversations in a corporate network, even if they have to switch from chat mode to mobile phones or from video mode to instant messaging. “When you miss a conversation, you get an alert just as you get ‘missed call' alerts on mobile phones. Lync also allows you to share documents and access desktops of collaborators — with their consent, of course,” Mr Nagesh B. Pabbisetty, General Manager (Unified Communications) of Microsoft, told Business Line.

SQL Server UCP: Multi Instance Management

PCQuest, November 02, 2010

Managing SQL Server instances and the database applications in a holistic manner is always a top of the stack requirement from DBAs. We'll take a sneak peak at how it's done in SQL Server 2008 R2.

Green Buildings Rising up Day-by-Day

Dataquest, September 4, 2010

They have made it to the news, to photo features and to LEED ratings. They have been everywhere-- these green buildings. For a concept that is less than a decade old in India, the numbers seem quite pleasing. Depending on the type of rating you have gone for, a green building pays back for itself within three-five years, Seema Tyagi,manager, real estate & facilities, Hyderabad campus, Microsoft.

Building Transformations Using BizTalk Server

PCQuest, August 1, 2010

Transformations or Mappings are key to successful integration solutions. This article explores how mappings are designed in BizTalk Server and discusses enhancements in BizTalk Server 2010.

Developing Windows Phone 7 Application, June 8, 2010

At MIX 10, Microsoft gave a first look at developer platform for Windows Phone 7. This article will focus on the developer platform, which is based on Silverlight and XNA, aspect of this new phone. Both Silverlight and XNA platforms expose set of APIs that let developers use C# to build rich applications or games.

MS Office for Nokia E Series

Hindu Businessline, May 22, 2010

Microsoft has tied up with phone manufacturer Nokia to launch Microsoft Communicator Mobile for Nokia devices. To begin with Nokia's E-series phones would have this application. Microsoft's India Development Centre at Hyderabad has contributed to this application.

Customising Windows XP Mode

PCQuest, April 01, 2010

IT Admins can easily customize Windows XP Mode to ensure users get a pre-configured virtual Windows XP environment with all the LOB apps pre-installed.

Data-tier Apps in Visual Studio 2010

PCQuest, April 01, 2010

The new data-tier application project system is introduced in VS 2010 is backed by a new Transact-SQL Editor experience which included an integrated editor, offline and online IntelliSense, language services, etc.

Visual Studio Team Lab Management

PCQuest, January 12, 2010

The tool increases productivity of software development teams by accelerating the setup of complex environments, and by allowing teams to include snapshots of complete environments in bugs.

Enterprise Applications And Mid-tier Caching – August 01, 2009

Here's an interesting take on how an enterprise application can be made to achieve high performance, scale and high availability, using mid-tier caching.

Centralized Desktop & Presentation Virtualization

In the current economic condition, there is more pressure than ever before on IT departments to deliver business value. Information Technology (IT) is one of the important functions in an organization and is a key value generator. In the current economic condition, there is more pressure than ever before on IT departments to deliver business value, despite challenges such as shrinking budgets, rapidly changing technologies and increasing security issues.