Leadership profiles


Anil Bhansali, Managing Director, Microsoft India (R&D) Private Limited and General Manager, Cloud & Enterprise, MSIDC

Anil Bhansali is the Managing Director of Microsoft India (R&D) Private Limited and the General Manager of the Cloud and Enterprise engineering teams at MSIDC. Anil began his career with Microsoft in Redmond in 1991, as part of the Office division, where he worked on MS Excel for multiple releases. He was the Partner Development Manager in the Office Shared Services Team that worked on SharePoint Team Services V1.0 and Windows SharePoint Service version 2.0.

Anil relocated to India in 2004 as Director of the Windows Live Platforms Services Group. He established and drove several engineering efforts at MSIDC before taking over the engineering leadership of the Windows feature engineering group within MSIDC in 2006. From 2011 onwards, Anil is leading teams working on engineering features for the Cloud and Enterprise division.

Anil has a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Computer Science from SUNY, Stony Brook.

When not at work, Anil spends time with his children at home or travelling. He has a passion for street food, has trekked to the Everest Base Camp and enjoys spreading the written word via social work at Pustakaar. He is also a marathon runner who has completed several national and international marathons including the New York marathon.


Amaresh Ramaswamy, Director of Finance, Microsoft India (R&D) Private Limited

As the man at the helm, Amaresh is responsible for the overall financial management and operations of the business, which includes financial and strategic planning, reporting and analysis and controls and compliance.

Amaresh joined Microsoft in 2002 and held several leadership positions in strategy, business development and finance in the mobile and embedded business, as well as the Server & Tools business in Redmond. He moved to MSIDC in 2006.

Prior to joining Microsoft, he held senior positions in engineering, finance, business development and strategy with Hewlett Packard in the US and Reliance Industries Ltd in India.

Amaresh holds a Bachelor's degree from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) at Chennai, a Master’s from the State University of New York at Buffalo and an MBA from Cornell University.


Chitra Sood, Director, Business Management, Microsoft India (R&D) Private Limited

Chitra Sood heads the Biz Management function at MSIDC and the Cloud & Enterprise division. Chitra assists the organization’s leadership team to deliver against its operational and organizational priorities. She has been part of MSIDC since its inception in 1998 and has headed a variety of support functions across the organization. Prior to joining Microsoft, Chitra was the Head of the Hutchison Max Paging operations in Hyderabad. Chitra is a CA/CS and also holds an MBA from the Manchester Business School.


Prakash Thekkatte, Product Unit Manager, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft India (R&D) Private Limited

Prakash Thekkatte is the Product Unit Manager for Microsoft Dynamics CRM team at MSIDC. Prakash has more than 19 years of enterprise software development experience and domain expertise in several vertical markets, including automotive, communications, financial services and high-tech industries.

Prakash joined MSIDC in September 2012 from HP, where he was VP of Engineering. Prior to HP, he was Vice President at SAP Labs, Bangalore, for five years. He was VP & Head of SAP Custom Development Execution for the Asia Pacific region, responsible for providing the leadership to the delivery team to develop unique, individualized, customer-specific solutions and business processes on the SAP platform.

Prior to SAP, Prakash was with Siebel where he served as Executive Director of CRM Industry Applications.

Prakash holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Mysore University.


Rajiv Kumar, General Manager, Applications and Services Group (Office), Microsoft India (R&D) Private Limited

Rajiv Kumar is the General Manager of Applications & Services Group (Office) at the Microsoft India Development Center, Hyderabad. Rajiv joined as a campus hire from UT, Austin, as a Software Development Engineer. Rajiv grew through the ranks, making impactful contributions to several product groups. Rajiv has contributed to and shipped 25 products and has 8 patent awards to his name.

Apart from making impactful contributions to both client and server products, Rajiv led Microsoft’s successful entry into the Content Management Server space. His foresight, strategy and passion for bigger, better and simpler products catapulted SharePoint into a multi-billion-dollar product from the time it was acquired in 2001.

Relocating to India in 2004, after spending 12 years in Redmond, Rajiv set up the Microsoft Office engineering team, in Hyderabad, which has grown under his able leadership and guidance. Passionate about people and innovation, Rajiv works relentlessly to provide an immersive and engaging experience to both his team and the users of Microsoft products. He firmly believes that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. A Master’s in Computer Science from University of Texas, Austin and Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee, he has keen interest in spiritualty, enjoys playing the tabla and loves traveling with his family.


Rasipuram Arun (Russ), General Manager, Bing Search & Advertising, Microsoft India (R&D) Private Limited

Prior to this role, Russ was the Partner Group Program Manager for Display Ads and then Search Ads in the Online Services Division (OSD). Before working in OSD, Russ worked for the Windows Live team and was responsible for the Server side of Messenger, Hotmail, storage, mobile and alerts. In a previous incarnation of this role, Russ was General Manager for the Live Platform Services backend team, and led the transition of Hotmail, Messenger and Storage through a critical period to increase their operational efficiency and compete effectively. His work was recognized by his peers through the “Outstanding Technical Leadership” award given by the Technical Community Network. Prior to this role, Russ was the General Manager for MSN Mobile. Russ’ earlier work in Microsoft includes Windows 95, IE 3.0, IE 4.0 and.Net CF. Before Microsoft, Russ was a development manager at Sun Microsystems, working on Windows & networking products.

Russ holds an MBA from UCLA, MS from Syracuse University and BS from IIT Madras. His hobbies include water activities, racquet sports and hiking.


Sundar Srinivasan, Partner Group Manager, Search, Microsoft India (R&D) Private Limited

Sundar Srinivasan is currently the Partner Group Program Manager for Search Technology Center–India at Microsoft. He and his team work on Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, out of Microsoft’s India Development Center at Hyderabad.

Sundar started his career in the software industry in 1991 as a developer building middleware for distributed systems, and then as a Senior Developer on the core engineering team that built an online search service (ProQuest) over an information archive servicing millions of users. Since joining Microsoft in April 1999, Sundar has worked in many teams which contributed to the engineering of products including Windows, Server and System Center. He has been a Product Unit Manager contributing to the Data Protection Manager.

Sundar has a wide range of experience from building consumer products to enterprise software in the cloud and starting up new teams to reinventing mature products. Over the years, Sundar has built deep insights into customer adoption of technology. He holds a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from IIT Bombay. In his spare time, Sundar enjoys solving cryptic crosswords, dreaming about crazy ideas and playing with his children.


Vikram Manocha, HR Site Leader, Microsoft India (R&D) Private Limited

As the head of HR, Vikram drives people agenda and programs for MSIDC, including performance management, employee engagements, management excellence, leadership development and talent management.

Vikram joined Microsoft in 2005 and has successfully led staffing teams in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Redmond. He has played a critical role in supporting key engineering teams at MSIDC.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Vikram worked in the US for eight years, where he set up the US subsidiary of an Indian consulting firm. As one of the first HR employees of the US startup, he helped the organization grow from two to 300 employees. He held various roles in staffing, HR operations and HR business management during this period.

Vikram holds a Bachelor's degree in Sciences from University of Allahabad and an MBA in HR/Marketing from IILM, Delhi.