Microsoft India Development Center

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Where collaboration meets creativity

One of Microsoft’s largest R&D centers outside the headquarters in Redmond.

Microsoft India Development Center has three technology groups where some of the most inspiring, innovative, and talented minds work. These three groups are - Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Research Group, Cloud & Enterprise Group, and Experience & Devices Group. Apart from these three groups there is Core Services Engineering team that contribute by ensuring that we extend our best services to the customers.

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Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Research

Responsible for driving the company’s overall AI strategy and forward-looking research and development efforts spanning infrastructure, services, apps and agents. AI-focused product groups include the Information Platform Group, Bing and Cortana product groups, as well as the Ambient Computing and Robotics teams.

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Cloud & Enterprise

Focuses on CRM, development tools, cloud infrastructure, Visual Studio, Microsoft Azure

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Experiences & Devices Group

Works on the software platform, games, apps and devices that power the Windows ecosystem. This group is also responsible for Microsoft’s global productivity strategy via products and services including Office 365, SharePoint and Visio.

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Core Services Engineering

Core Services Engineering is the team that builds and runs the critical products and services that enable Microsoft to serve its customers. Core Services Engineering is the first customer of Microsoft products and connects the company to its customers by showing how to use the product and advising them on strategies, bringing forward new-ways to solve their problems, using new products before anyone else and delivering the right solutions quickly.