Welcome to Microsoft IT India

Welcome to Microsoft IT India

Located in Hyderabad, Microsoft IT India is part of a sprawling 54–acre Microsoft campus which has been designed to match international environment standards.

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About Raj Biyani

MD, Microsoft IT, India
Raj Biyani, MD, Microsoft IT, India

Raj Biyani is the Managing Director for Microsoft IT India in Hyderabad, which is Microsoft’s largest IT operation outside of corporate headquarters in Redmond, Washington. Raj is an intrapreneur with a string of high impact incubations at Microsoft. Prior to joining Microsoft IT, Raj worked in the Developer Division, Office, Windows and Online Services business groups. Raj led the envisioning and successful creation of the Windows Marketplace – an app store that enabled electronic software delivery for PC–based applications. Raj is the co–author of “To the Cloud: Cloud Powering an Enterprise.” Raj has multiple EU and US patents.

Raj holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Accounting from Goshen College, Indiana, where he serves on the President’s Advisory Council. Raj has an MBA with Honors from the University of Chicago. Raj is an avid practitioner of cutting-edge business thinking reflected in his vast collection of business books, many autographed by their authors.

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Giving describes best what we at Microsoft do for the community. This year the dedicated Giving month was celebrated from 1st of October to 1st of November. It witnessed a surging participation which only went on to suggest that Giving is perceived not just a culture but also as the most rewarding and most gratifying aspect of our job itself. The constant endeavor to enhance the impact of GIVING year–on–year is reflected in each year’s Giving Campaign’s records. This year, Microsoft IT India made history with 92% employee participation, which simply went on to mark our consistent participation levels of over 90%.