Toyota Motor Europe

Toyota Motor Europe

With Windows Intune, Toyota Motor Europe can see if all dealerships are using updated car-diagnostic systems. Now we can ensure consistent, quality service for all customers at more than 3,000 facilities.

- Niels Svaerke, Manager, Business Process Office, After Sales

Automotive retailer avoids $1.3 million in IT costs and improves customer service with cloud-based tool

Cutting-edge technology not only helps build better cars, it also helps companies that market and sell those cars grow sustainably.

Toyota Motor Europe (TME), based in Brussels, Belgium, is a prime example. The company manages a network of 30 national marketing and sales companies (NMSC) across Europe, which oversee more than 3,000 dealerships. In early 2012, TME replaced its stand-alone car-diagnostic tool with 3,500 new PCs running the latest software. Mechanics attach the PCs to a Vehicle Information Module that connects to a vehicle’s engine to provide critical maintenance information.

However, there was no way for TME headquarters to verify that all dealerships received and installed software updates concurrently. The head office also had no way of knowing if the dealerships deployed an antivirus solution for their PCs. Additionally, NMSC employees had to travel or hire third-party companies to perform tech support at the dealerships, resulting in wasteful downtime.

To solve these issues, Toyota Motor Europe decided to evaluate Windows Intune, a Microsoft cloud-based PC management service. Staff at the NMSC can use the web-based Administration console in Windows Intune to run PC management tasks remotely, including software distribution. “We wanted to move into cloud computing, so Windows Intune met our needs perfectly,” says Dirk Christiaens, Manager of Enterprise Architecture at Toyota Motor Europe. “Windows Intune had a more flexible, pay-as-you-go model, with no additional bandwidth or server costs.”

TME sent each dealership a link to a Toyota website where staff could retrieve the Windows Intune client to download on the PCs. The solution is managed by a few IT staff members at each location and will likely be deployed to all 3,500 PCs by end of March 2013.

With Windows Intune managing its 3,500 PCs, Toyota Motor Europe estimates that it avoided more than €1 million (US$1.3 million) in infrastructure and management costs over three years. Instead, TME can acquire Windows Intune licenses as needed.

TME also uses Windows Intune for endpoint protection and to schedule regular virus scans, so it can ensure that the PCs at each dealership have up-to-date virus protection. “Windows Intune helps seal our security risks and gives us piece of mind,” says Christiaens.

Toyota also expects that better-managed computers will equate to a reduction in travel costs and improve customer service. TME can also use Windows Intune to maintain a consistent software inventory at all dealerships, so customers can expect the same service no matter what dealership they visit. “Now we can ensure consistent, quality service for all customers at more than 3,000 facilities,” says Niels Svaerke, Manager, Business Process Office, After Sales at Toyota Motor Europe.


  • Avoids infrastructure costs
  • Manages software installations and updates
  • Enhances endpoint security
  • Improves customer service
  • Reduces operating costs


Toyota Motor Europe

Toyota Motor Europe Avoids $1.3 million in IT costs with cloud-based PC management tool

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