Windows 8.1 Enterprise in your pocket

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Plug in, boot and go with Windows To Go

Plug in, boot and go with Windows To Go
Included with Windows 8.1 Enterprise
Windows To Go is your own fully manageable, corporate image installed on a bootable certified USB drive. It is a new feature of Windows 8.1 Enterprise available to customers with Software Assurance to help businesses address a wide range of mobility and travel light requirements.
Be productive with or without network connectivity
Windows To Go is different from other mobility solutions because people can be productive from almost any location they choose to work. Simply insert a drive into a compatible computer and boot into a personalized Windows 8.1 image, network connectivity not required.
Windows To Go is Windows 8.1, to go
All of the great technologies you use with Windows 8.1 Enterprise work with Windows To Go: Group Policy, BitLocker, BranchCache, AppLocker, App-V, UE-V, and DirectAccess. Windows To Go is literally Windows 8.1 Enterprise in your pocket.
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Windows To Go Scenarios

Windows To Go Scenarios
While Windows To Go is not intended to be a replacement option for all enterprise devices, it offers employees a new way to stay fully productive and connected to resources across a variety of work scenarios.
Work from home
Employees travel light with their corporate image, apps, and policies provisioned on a Windows To Go drive for use on their home PC.
Bring your own device to work (BYOD)
Contractors or employees access the enterprise network at work from a personal device, allowing them to stay productive whatever their choice of PC.
Up and running on Windows 8.1
Help employees test, evaluate, or take advantage of Windows 8.1 on their existing hardware before it's deployed on their PC.
Maintain business productivity
Provide Windows To Go to maintain business productivity during unexpected events that compromise primary PCs or work locations.

Windows To Go Certified Drives

Windows To Go certified drives pass a battery of certification tests, including self-hosting and boot compatibility across a variety of PCs. The certification process ensures that drives are built for the high random read / write speeds required for running Windows smoothly. Additionally, certified drives are backed with manufacturer warranties, with a focus on continuing to operate under normal working conditions. Microsoft only supports drives certified for Windows To Go.

Featured Windows To Go Certified Drive Partners

  • Imation

    Global scalable storage and data security company whose portfolio includes tiered storage and security offerings for business and consumers.

  • Kingston

    Global provider of memory, solid-state drives, USB drives, and flash memory.

  • SPYRUS, Inc.

    Develops, manufactures, and markets hardware-based encryption, authentication, and digital content security products.

  • Super Talent

    Design and manufactures flash based storage solutions for enterprise servers, workstations, personal computers and consumer electronics.

  • WD

    Global provider of internal and external storage solutions for consumers and businesses.