Benefits of a Microsoft account


Choose your settings… once!

Setting up a new Windows 8.1 device at home? Sign in with your Microsoft account and you don’t have to add the printer again. That setting is carried over to the new computer or tablet.


Get the apps and games that you want

Easily browse and download your favourite apps and games from the Windows Store. You can even get personal recommendations, just for you, when you’re signed in to your device with your Microsoft account.


Start fresh with a new account

If multiple email accounts randomize your time, start fresh with a new account. Use the wizard to port the data behind your most important email accounts, and set yourself free.


Set limits for your kids

You can set limits for how and when your child uses their Microsoft account. Monitoring their activity helps you teach them online safety skills.


Show off your photos

Want your photos to follow you from your PC to your Phone? Sign in to OneDrive with the same Microsoft account to see your photos.


Keep track of your thoughts

Jot down a note in OneNote. Then the next time you sign in to a device (doesn’t even have to be the same one) you'll be right back to where you'd stopped, no matter where you were or the device used last time.


Listen to your playlist wherever you are

Your Microsoft account keeps track of your Xbox Music Pass collection and playlists, syncing across your tablet, PC, phone and your Xbox.


Control Xbox with your Windows Phone

Use your Windows Phone as a controller for your Xbox console when you're signed in with the same Microsoft account.