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How SAM Can Help You

Take advantage of the business benefits that effective software management can bring to your organization.

SAM eliminates waste, overlap, and duplicate purchases throughout your organization. By optimizing your software assets and streamlining your internal processes, SAM can help you save time and money, improve workflow, and increase your competitiveness as your company grows in size and maturity.

Some of the benefits of SAM are easy to see, such as better control over software price points and better record keeping. Other long-term benefits may not be immediately apparent, but they will manifest themselves over time.

Benefits can include:

Benefits of SAM
  • Cost Savings   Lower costs that are associated with purchasing and maintaining your software library and IT systems. By capitalizing on overall buying power with vendors and purchasing through single volume licensing contracts, many customers are able to cut costs on the software they purchase. Also, overall cost of operations overtime may go down as your organization becomes streamlined and standardized to optimize tech support requests, network performance, and overall software efficiencies for personnel.

  • Risk Management   Control business and legal risks related to improper software deployment. You also lower chances of malware when you use your SAM plan to ensure only genuine software is deployed.

  • SAM Advantage   Stay ahead of the competition through streamlined operations and faster time-to-market.

  • Good Governance   Achieve and demonstrate compliance with your responsibilities under government legislation, such as Sarbanes-Oxley.

  • Disaster Protection   Protect your company's valuable software assets in the event of unexpected adversity.


How can SAM benefit your department?


SAM helps you streamline IT resources and improves visibility and control of your environment now and in the future.

SAM increases awareness of your company's overall software purchasing needs and enables you to better work with software vendors to meet those needs.

SAM provides greater insight into how to manage your company's assets, helping you make more informed decisions to reduce risk and plan for the future