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Customizable Documentation

Use these tactical guides, checklists, and other documentation to help create a successful SAM strategy.

In this section, you will find materials that you can use as you implement SAM, including presentations, fact sheets, templates, planning documents, and checklists that you can easily customize to match your organization’s needs.

Download documents related to the following topics:

SAM Basics

SAM Quick Guide (Portable document format [PDF] file, 413 KB)

Use this quick guide to get an overview of SAM implementation steps and Microsoft licensing.

SAM Optimization Model

SAM Optimization Model (Portable document format [PDF] file 4.3 MG)

Use this brochure to better understand how you can use SOM to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your existing infrastructure; and enable your organization to modify your SAM plan with the goal of advancing to more mature levels.

SAM Benefits

The Benefits of SAM (PDF file, 224KB)

This document lists the major benefits that come with implementing SAM in your organization.

Testimonials (PDF file, 407 KB)

Read how SAM has benefited other Microsoft customers.

The Business Value of SAM (PDF file, 765 KB)

Find out about the business benefits of SAM, take an “Are You at Risk?” quiz, and get an overview of Microsoft licensing options.

Why Implement SAM? (Microsoft Office PowerPoint file, 53 KB)

View this presentation that describes the benefits and steps of implementing SAM.

SAM Step-By-Step

SAM Checklist (PDF file, 80 KB)

Use this handy checklist to keep track of each SAM implementation step as you perform each task.

Step 1: Perform a Software Inventory

PC Software Inventory Report Template (Excel file, 16 KB)

Use this worksheet when you are performing inventories on individual computers.

Software Inventory Summary Report Template (Excel file, 18 KB)

Compile all of your inventory information for all computers into this one report.

Step 2: Get Organized

License Summary Report Template (Excel file, 16 KB)

As you locate your license documentation, record the information in this report.

Software and License Summary Report Template (Excel file, 16 KB)

Compile the information from your Software Inventory Summary Report and License Summary Report into this single report to see where you are over- or under-licensed.

Software License Documentation (PowerPoint file, 37 KB)

View this presentation on the different Microsoft license types and the associated licensing documentation.

Step 3: Review Policies and Procedures

Software Use Policy Template (Microsoft Office Word file, 43 KB)

This document template will be helpful when you are developing your company’s own software use policies.

New Software Check-in Checklist (PDF file, 221 KB)

Revise this checklist as necessary and distribute it to your IT Department to make sure all new software is recorded properly.

Software Acquisition Policy Template (Word file, 48 KB)

Use this example to write a Software Acquisition Policy for your own company.

Software Disaster Recovery Plan Template (Word file, 48 KB)

Make sure your overall Disaster Recovery Plan includes a section on recovering software in case of an unforeseen catastrophe.

Step 4: Develop a SAM Plan

Employee Software Questionnaire (PDF file, 650 KB)

To determine the software your employees really need to get their jobs done, ask them these questions, either in person or through an e-mail message or online survey.

Tips on Reducing Support Costs (PDF file, 223 KB)

Review this list to help your support team save time and your company save money.

Software and Hardware Worksheet Template (Excel file, 16 KB)

Keep track of the hardware and software used at each workstation throughout your company with this worksheet template. (You can also store this type of information in a database.)

Software and Hardware Map Example (Microsoft Office Visio file, 264 KB)

Creating a map of computer locations and software installed may be helpful for your software support team.

Licensing Basics

Microsoft Licensing Suggestions Table (PDF file, 463 KB)

This handy table will help you work with your software reseller to determine which Microsoft licensing option is right for your company.

Myth and Fact About Microsoft Operating System Licensing (PDF file, 694 KB)

Reading the information in this document will help you avoid common misunderstandings about Microsoft Operating System software licensing.

Microsoft Licensing Options (PowerPoint file, 36 KB)

This presentation will describe the different types of Microsoft licensing.