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Setting Your Plan in Motion

Get started with your SAM plan now, and start building exceptional business results from the foundation up.

You can implement SAM in your organization by following four basic steps:

Graphical representation of the four SAM steps: Take Inventory, Get Organized, Create Policies and Procedures, Maintain Your SAM Plan

1) Take Inventory

First, you need to know what you already have. Therefore the first step in your SAM program is to take inventory of your deployed software. If your business is small, you might be able to do this manually. If your organization is larger, you might try using any of the automated discovery tools that can easily and efficiently scan your entire network or reach out to a SAM partner.

2) Get Organized

The next step is to take an inventory of the licenses you have purchased. To optimize and manage your software assets, you'll need to find, record, and organize the licenses and documentation for each software title and version. You can easily manage your software license library in a number of ways. Begin by learning what types of documents you will need to keep, how best to keep them organized, and how your reseller can help in the process.

3) Create Policies and Procedures

From software acquisition, use, and retirement, to storage and disaster protection, you can safeguard your software and hardware assets by establishing new standards and guidelines regarding all phases of the software life cycle. You can’t do it alone though, so consider some of these suggestions on how to create a culture of SAM throughout your organization.

4) Maintain Your SAM Plan

Keep your SAM plan current through frequent spot checks, regularly scheduled software inventories, and ongoing employee training. Check out our SAM Optimization Model for help in determining areas where you can further improve your return on investment (ROI) through SAM improvements.