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Standards for Software Asset Management

Following standards can benefit your organization, regardless of size or whether you are interested in certification.

The comprehensive international standard for Software Asset Management aligned to service management (sometimes referred to as the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, or ITIL) is ISO/IEC 19770-1:2006 SAM Processes. This vendor-independent standard is supported by much of the IT industry, including Microsoft.

This standard can potentially benefit your organization by:

  • Providing the ability to easily establish a gap analysis between current practices and baseline best practices. This enables organizations to identify opportunities for quick wins and longer-term improvements.

  • Presenting an independent and comprehensive framework for SAM that is aligned to service management, and specifically to ISO/IEC 20000 and the ITIL framework. With this framework in place, organizations can be confident that work done will align to corporate governance and industry best-practice developments.

  • Making available new tools and methodologies that will be developed by the IT industry based on ISO/IEC 19770-1, such as risk assessments and implementation methodologies.

  • Providing the ability to demonstrate good corporate governance in a highly complex area of IT. ISO/IEC 19770-1 is driven by corporate governance from the top down, and it helps provide substance for the idea of corporate governance, a term that is much used but often not well understood.