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SAM gives you greater insight into managing your company's assets, helping you make more-informed decisions and plan for the future

Implementing a SAM program requires all employees to be aware and responsible, but the ultimate responsibility rests with management. Your primary role will be to support the SAM plan initially with approval of project resources and just as importantly with ongoing support and enforcement of the policies,  procedures, and all around management needed to ensure the most effective and efficient SAM plan, organization-wide.

Control cost and business risk
for a stronger, healthier financial position.

Optimize existing software investments,
to enable you to do more with what you already have.

Grow with your company's expanding needs
through a core foundation with increased flexibility and agility.

How SAM Benefits You

SAM gives you peace of mind. In addition to the added efficiency and cost savings that SAM brings to your employees, SAM can help you:

  • Control and limit your company's legal liability stemming from poor licensing procedures.

  • Drive faster, smoother mergers and acquisitions resulting from a thorough, organized licensing system.

  • Understand exactly what assets you have and maintain better control of their use which enables transparency of costs, savings, governance, and liabilities.

  • Optimize the time-to-market through streamlined software functionality and a thorough knowledge of existing databases.

  • Increase employee morale and motivation through legitimate, and reliable streamlined software applications that keep the office running smoothly, allowing staff to do their jobs.

  • Gain greater insight into your company's assets and needs, helping you make more informed decisions and better plans for the growth of the organization, short term and for the future.

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Where to Begin

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10 Reasons to Implement SAM

  • Financial Security

  • Volume discounts for better price points

  • More liability control

  • Good corporate governance

  • Increased employee satisfaction

  • Smoother operations

  • Reduce/eliminate waste and redundancy

  • Better market position

  • Increased long-term business value

  • Flexibility for the future

Gain Internal Support on the Business Case for SAM

After preparing your case:

  • Determine potential objections from the outset, and have solutions and benefits at hand.

  • Keep budgetary concerns in mind to best determine the implementation stages of your SAM plan.

  • Find a senior-level champion of SAM that will help you sell your case.

  • Be ready to present a report detailing what steps were taken and the benefits realized after the plan has been fully implemented.