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SAM increases awareness of your company's software purchasing needs and your role with software vendors in meeting those needs.

In the Purchasing department, you can appreciate the cost savings that can result from a well-implemented SAM plan. Your department makes many of the key economic decisions and handles much of the paperwork and legal issues surrounding software acquisition. You are not typically swayed by the newest and latest software programs, and you generally have the bargaining and negotiating skills necessary to deal effectively with software vendors. Your department plays an integral role in the ongoing success of an effective SAM plan.

Control cost and business risk
for a stronger, healthier financial position.

Optimize existing software investments,
to enable you to do more with what you already have.

Grow with your company's expanding needs
through a core foundation with increased flexibility and agility.

How SAM Benefits You

SAM can save your company money and bring better overall efficiency to your department by helping you:

  • Gain centralized control, and implement and enforce procurement procedures by increasing your understanding of the software licenses that your business needs to succeed.

  • Optimize your negotiations and vendor relations by knowing exactly what software your organization needs and uses.

  • Greatly simplify reporting, budgeting, and acquisition processes and policies around IT assets.

  • Grow visibility into short-term and long-term planning for upcoming software purchases to meet current and future business requirements.

  • Maximize expenses with optimal volume licensing agreements, and minimize the risk of over-purchasing by paying only for the software your business uses, thereby eliminating costs that result from mistakenly acquiring too many licenses.

  • Realize potential tax benefits by being more aware of your company's software depreciation values.

  • Reduce costs thanks to a clear understand of software requirements.

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Where to Begin

  • Start gathering information about SAM, and think about how it relates to your department. Interview business representatives, software resellers, and customers. Attend seminars and user groups, view existing information online, and examine industry reports and SAM case studies.

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  • Contact your vendors and resellers to see what software documentation they may already have and contact how they can assist you. You may also contact a Microsoft Certified SAM Partner to help create and/or implement a SAM plan tailored to the unique needs of your organization.

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  • Begin a preliminary reconciliation to determine the cost effectiveness of volume licensing versus buying individually.

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How to build a business case for SAM

For building a business case around SAM to present to senior management, include:

  • A summary of your current SAM level.

  • A summary of your proposed plan with alternatives.

  • The case for outsourcing SAM, keeping it in-house or combining both approaches.

  • A timeframe for implementing SAM.

  • The necessary requirements and expected benefits.

  • Final recommendations.

  • What to expect when it's finished.

Gain internal support on the Business Case for SAM

After preparing your case:

  • Determine potential objections from the outset, and have solutions and benefits at hand.

  • Keep budgetary concerns in mind to best determine the implementation stages of your SAM plan.

  • Find a senior-level champion of SAM that will help you sell your case.

  • Be ready to present a report detailing what steps were taken and the benefits realized after the plan has been fully implemented.