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Whether you're just getting started with Software Asset Management or you need to download a new inventory tool, review reference material, or connect with a standards organization, the SAM Resource Center can help.

Building a SAM plan can help you control costs and optimize software investments. If you need help getting started, we have compiled templates and reference documents, links to inventory and asset management tools, case studies to prove value and provide best practices, and partners trained to help you ramp up quickly, forecast growth, and negotiate legal aspects.

Review technical details

Our Briefs section delivers technical guidance on how Windows Server software licensing works, complete with detailed steps on how to assess your specific licensing requirements.

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Download templates and reference documents

Get the SAM Quick Guide, templates, planning documents, checklists, presentations, fact sheets, and other reference materials. Many of these documents can be customized to match your organization’s needs as you develop a plan and present it.

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Prove value and find best practices

See how other companies and organizations have benefitted from a SAM plan. Some organizations have reduced their overall IT budgets by 20 percent and cut procurement and other administrative costs.

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Locate asset tools and connect with organizations

Browse links to SAM-related sites that offer inventory and asset management tools, volume licensing, piracy protection, industry standards, and IT infrastructure resources.

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Find a partner

Not ready to go it alone? Find a partner to help you get started quickly. We provide an evaluation guide to help you locate the right partner for your needs.

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Did You Know?

SAM Optimization Model

The SAM Optimization Model (SOM) is the evaluation framework launched by Microsoft that enables partners and customers to evaluate SAM effectively and objectively. Microsoft has created this model to provide a framework to help you understand and subsequently improve software asset management within the needs of your unique organization. The SAM Optimization Model is an established set of criteria to help you make consistent SAM assessments and more-informed decisions. Microsoft provides tools and has created an ecosystem of certified SAM partners. These partners offer their services to help you identify what software is being used effectively and what software can be removed, retired, or transferred. They also help you understand and implement what is needed to move forward in the SAM Optimization Model.

Learn more about the SAM Optimization Model