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SAM Gives You Peace of Mind

When properly implemented, SAM can help your organization control business and legal risks.

A good SAM program can help control the risks associated with improper licensing procedures. You’ll know where you stand with your software and licenses, plus you'll have peace of mind knowing that you are using genuine products with all their associated benefits. Good licensing practices help you minimize risks and keep your software—and overall workforce—running as they should.

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Improved security and preparedness

Disorganized, outdated software that lacks the proper security updates can leave you wide open for viruses and other security breaches. With a good SAM plan in place, you will always have the latest applications with the most recent security updates and service packs.

Minimizing legal risks

Properly implementing SAM helps limit your legal and financial exposure if problems with your software licenses arise. Proactively maintaining a solid SAM program can help you prepare for external licensing audits and avoid legal issues and associated financial penalties. Becoming compliant, and staying that way, also helps eliminate the potential damage to your reputation that could arise from a legal dispute.

Smoother operations

Dealing with software problems takes time and energy away from management, slows employee output, and can potentially shut down your business. It can also increase your costs as help desk calls increase. By optimizing your software assets, you implement upgrades and security updates in a timely, as-needed manner—thereby eliminating the risk of work stoppages and freeing up your help desk to focus on other projects.

Peace of mind as your company grows

As the marketplace expands and your company grows, you need an IT infrastructure that can expand along with you. SAM can help you ensure that new programs are supported by your existing hardware and software, and that no time or money is wasted with struggling to become compliant. Optimized SAM provides a scalable foundation for growth, making your company more agile and responsive in a fast-paced environment, and lessening the risk that you'll fall behind the competition.