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SAM Gives You the Edge

Software Asset Management can benefit your entire organization in ways that can give you an edge.

  • Imagine a streamlined IT department with its entire media library in place and in total compliance.

  • Envision a purchasing department that knows the best price on software and where to buy it—and when you already own it.

  • Enjoy a faster time-to-market for your products, and better ideas from employees who know their software.

All this is possible with a good SAM program, which can help free up resources to focus on ways to stay ahead.

Better bargaining power

Use the knowledge SAM provides to gain an advantage when acquiring software. Know exactly what software titles you need, what updates are available, and how many licenses your business will require. Optimize your software assets and stay ahead in a today's market by buying through the right licensing program for your organization and avoiding buying licenses you don't need.

Earning customer trust

Knowing that you’re installing only genuine products—and having the licenses to prove it—limits the possibility of an audit or lawsuit. It also reduces the risk that your company’s (and your customers’) confidential data is compromised by avoiding the viruses and spyware that can often be found on counterfeit media. While your competitors struggle with compliance issues, your customers, suppliers and management can rest assured knowing that you’re organization is adhering to strict standards— all because of SAM.

Increased appeal for partners and investors

With a thorough, up-to-date library of your software assets and licenses, your company will be much more attractive to potential partners and investors. While software can be a valuable intangible asset, having unlicensed software deployed can show up as a liability on the books. A proper SAM program can help keep you out of the red, and speed up the due diligence process during any mergers or acquisitions, making your company more appealing.

Faster roll outs

When your software is functioning properly and your licenses are being looked after, you can get your product, idea, or innovation to market faster. Having a streamlined IT department and employees whose computers and software are updated and trouble free gives you an edge.

Better protection in case of emergency

With a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) in place as part of your SAM plan, your company will be better prepared in the event of fire, flood, or other disaster. The speed with which your company can get back to business is critical in maintaining and maximizing your operational infrastructure's advantage.

Improved business performance and growth potential

SAM provides reliable information that you can use to monitor and provision assets to meet future business requirements. Knowing what software you have now, where it can best be used, and what you will need in the future enables you to make more-informed strategic, tactical, and operational decisions—which provides a foundation as your company grows.