It’s better to be prepared than to wish you were.

It’s better to be prepared than to wish you were.

You’ve got a lot on your mind. That’s why you shouldn’t have to worry about the unexpected, whether it’s losing your laptop or losing power for days. All you need is a simple plan. Give yourself the peace of mind that all your hard work is protected.

  • Make employees your (security) knights in shining armour.

    Your business is a castle. And that castle needs protection in an increasingly digital and connected world. Your employees are the first line of defence. How can you have them help you dig a digital moat to protect your valuable business assets?

  • Nature happens – but it doesn't have to spell disaster for your business.

    Security isn’t always about saving your data from high-tech hackers. Sometimes, it’s about protecting your data so that you can access it in the event of an emergency. If a natural disaster forced your business to close or go offline for an extended period of time, would you be able to access important files? Would you lose vital or sensitive information?

  • Maximise opportunity. Minimise worry.

    By 2025, there will be upwards of 4.7 billion people online. Most data will move through or be stored in the cloud. And there will be 4 billion mobile Internet subscriptions globally. How can you tap into these opportunities while minimising your digital security risks?

    The business of cybersecurity

    One in five small- and medium-sized businesses has been targeted by cybercrime. Cyberattacks on your business are no longer a thing of the future – they’re here. Fortunately, Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit is making the online business world a safer place.

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