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Microsoft’s Community Affairs programs focus on improving the quality of life for underserved individuals around the world. Through monetary grants, software donations, technology solutions, delivery and development of a learning curriculum and employee volunteer hours, Microsoft supports numerous projects and organizations to expand opportunities through technology access and training.

Unlimited Potential Global Home

The combination of advanced technologies and strong partnerships with governments, partners, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), educators, and academics allows us to take an innovative approach to enabling new avenues of social and economic empowerment. Unlimited Potential is focused on delivering relevant, accessible and affordable solutions in three interrelated areas that are crucial to developing economic opportunity:

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Microsoft Unlimited Potential in Malaysia


Partners in Learning (PiL)
Under Partners in Learning, Microsoft is working with governments, ministries of education, and other key stakeholders to offer a spectrum of education resources including tools, programs, and practices.  The fundamental premise of this vision is that technology in education can be a powerful catalyst to promote learning and that education changes lives, families, communities, and ultimately nations.
To learn more about PiL in Malaysia, please visit:



Local Software Economy
Local Software Economy is an initiative to build innovative Independent Software Vendors(ISVs) and competent IT professionals and developers that supports the government plan to grow ICT SMEs and to raise capacity for knowledge and innovation. This is achieved through collaboration with the government, academia, industry and Microsoft partners.
To learn more about LSE, please visit:


Unlimited Potential – Community Technology Skills Program (UP-CTSP) Overview in Malaysia

In today’s knowledge-based economy, computer literacy has become a vital workplace skill – a skill that millions of people worldwide still lack. Unlimited Potential – Community Technology Skills Program (UP-CTSP) is a global initiative from Microsoft designed to help narrow the technology skills gap and aid workforce development by providing technology skills training through community-based technology learning centers (CTLCs).

Microsoft Malaysia has been an active participant in the global UP initiative since 2006. In 2006 Yayasan Salam Malaysia received grants, software and curriculum to open 10 local CTLCs around the country.  In 2007 they received an additional software grant for a CTLC that will aid their project on trafficked women and their children.  NCWO and YWCA partnered in 2006 to receive grants, software and use of the UP Community Learning Curriculum through the UP program. In 2007, YWCA’s 2 year grant sees them expanding from 1 CTLC in 2006 to 5 more with their partners in Klang, Seremban, Melaka, Penang and Kuantan.  While NCWO concentrated on 1 center in 2006, in 2007 it worked with PEWASA in Sabah to open 2 CTLCs.

More recently NCWO has been awarded a grant for 2008-2009 that provides it with the means necessary to expand into more rural areas of the country; 6 states and 6 centers.  YWCA has been given an additional grant for 2008 that will cover the last 2 remaining centers.

Our hope is that these 27 CTLCs will not only make an impact in their communities but also help to develop and educate the country’s workforce.  We believe this is only the start of what UP-CTSP can do to provide opportunities.
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The Unlimited Potential – Community Technology Skills Program components:

1) Grants
Grants are by invitation only and occur only once a year.  The organizations that apply must be aligned to Microsoft Malaysia’s Community Affairs focus, which is currently “underserved women in ICT”.  They must also be
qualified organizations.
UP-CTSP Grants consist of:

  • Software
    Qualified charities can apply to receive software donations to help build the capacity of their CTLCs for their UP-CTSP ICT skills training project.

  • Cash
    Qualified charities can apply as part of this Grant to develop their UP-CTSP ICT skills training project.

  • Curriculum
    The Community Learning Curriculum will be provided to all NGO partners’ CTLCs who have a Master IT skills trainer that attends Microsoft’s Train the Trainer’s session. This curriculum emphasizes real-world applications and course material to build basic and fundamental IT skills.

Community Software Donations
Any qualified organizations can apply for Community Software Donations separate from the UP-CTSP Grants. Please ensure you qualify, then visit For step-by-step instructions,
please view:
How Do I Apply? 

3)Community Learning Curriculum
Non-profit organizations conducting basic ICT skills training to underserved communities can apply for the curriculum.  To apply please ensure your organization is
qualified to apply, then visit For step-by-step instructions,
please view:  How Do I Apply?

4)Community Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR)
Community Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher is a regionally driven program.  The MAR program works with eligible refurbishers to provide legally-installed Microsoft operating systems on donated computers to eligible recipients.

Microsoft supports and encourages employee involvement in all Community Affairs programs and offers many opportunities for employees to make a positive impact in their communities.

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How Do I Get Involved?

Your UP-CTSP project
The project you propose must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a not-for-profit, non-government organization that functions for charitable purposes (seeEligibility Criteria)

  • Have a clear focus on providing opportunities for local people to learn to use information and communication technology. (The project may have other objectives as well.)

  • Provide those learning opportunities free of charge or for a nominal amount

  • The community in which you work will be economically disadvantaged:

  • e.g. have a high level of unemployment and/or poorly paid employment

  • Or, it will have a low level of basic health, social and educational services

If you would like to apply for software donations or curriculum please visit: Eligibility Criteria and follow the instructions on how to apply.

If you would like to apply to become a MAR, click here.
If you would like to contact us to submit a partnership proposal for curriculum or volunteering, please click here .
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