How do I clear all user data from my Nokia N900?

1. Tap the Application menu icon and select Settings.2. Open the Settings menu (tap the title bar) and select Clear device > Yes.3. Enter the lock code of the device, and select Done to clear the device. After a while device will reboot and asks to set regional and date/time settings again.The following data is deleted:- Browser user data: bookmarks, user history, passwords, and cookies- Contacts- Calendar entries- Home shortcuts- Mail messages, accounts, and their passwords- Instant messaging and internet call accounts- Connectivity settings, connections, and their passwords- Location information- Documents: document favourites; and images, audio, and video files- Settings for text input methods, and user dictionaries- Game scores- All user settings, including touch screen, display brightness, and volume settings- Profile settingsThe following data is not affected:- Applications that you installed- Memory card contents