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Warranty Tips

Please DO NOT use the adaptors in Nokia products! The damage to the Nokia product due to the use of the Nano-SIM Adaptor will NOT be covered by warranty repair service and Nokia will reserve the right to charge customer for phone repair service under such circumstances.It has recently come to our attention that there are incidents where SIM cards are unable to be removed from the phone. Most of these incidents are due to the use of the new version of the SIM card adaptor, generally known as Nano-SIM card Adaptor (superfine version of SIM card adaptor). The size and thickness of the Nano-SIM card is different from the standard size of the Micro SIM card. This may result in damaging the phone's Micro SIM card reader and hence, a message "Failed to recognize the SIM card or SIM card adaptor block inside the phone” will be shown.

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