Congratulations to the 3 Grand Prize winners! Your inspirational stories of friendship have won you and a friend the once in a lifetime prize of an all-expenses paid trip to London. Well done to Ogundimu Abimbola, Ikechukwu Onuoha and Frank Odogwu.



It was on a Good Saturday morning, I was through with my household chores and Chibuzor the son of our neighbour and my best friend too was also done with his. So that morning, Chibuzor and I gathered up the other children in the compound and we decided to go for a swim, I couldn't swim but I went with the belief that I will learn there. I was so eager to learn that before other persons could take off their clothes, I was already inside the river, it was warm and it felt good then suddenly I couldn't control my legs again and I was going deeper and deeper, I was shouting out for help, waving my hands, struggling with water and last the water threw me up, I caught a glance of the other kids I came with all running away. I was going down slowly when suddenly I saw myself rising up above the waters. I opened my eyes which were already closed only to see myself resting on the shoulders of Chibuzor. That day I can never forget in my life. Till today I owe Chibuzor my life.



12-2-2013 Dear Diary: We have been friends for a year now, even though it seems like one week. Oh I remember the birthday party she threw for me :) I was so surprised and touched, that she could do all that for me. hahaha. I remember our first fight (we had a nice dinner afterwards, maybe I should create more fights, so we can have more nice dinners like that one). 12-2-2014 Dear Diary: She helped me land my first gig with my band (yes we celebrated afterwards and spent most of the money) but it was worth it. She completes me in ways no other person can! She's always there for me, and will sacrifice anything just to see me happy (of course I do the same, 'lol' maybe even more) but this is what friendship is all about... sacrifice, loyalty and love. Thank you Folake, for opening my eyes to the meaning of friendship. You are the best.



My bestfriends are the best friends in the world. You know why? They have different personalities (the crazy one and the calm but naughty one) but one thing they have in common is that they truly care and want my happiness. The calm one makes me laugh with her naughty character. We can have a whole conversation and it's filled with sheep, cow, goat, rat, funny and stupid insults that none of us take personal. Even if I was not so happy before we had a convo, I would be after. The crazy one always want to know how I am doing and she makes me guffaw with her most times *toutish* but bold, confident, strong personality which is impressive and worth emulating. If I ask any of them to help me do something, they never complain and vice-versa coz dat's what we do for eachother, we help ourselves. I don't for once regret meeting these wonderful best friends of mine. They may not be perfect but they are perfect to me.



In secondary school, I had a phobia for mathematics. When I sat for my MOCK examination in SS3 (the examination that precedes Senior School Certificate Examination ) I passed every other subject except mathematics. Staring at my result, frustrated, my friend/seatmate whose name is Isaac asked me what the problem was and I explained to him. He then went on to encourage me and he gave me this piece of advice that I would end up never forgetting: "...determination is the secret to every man's success". On hearing this, I was determined to overcome my fear of mathematics so I asked him to start tutoring me after school hours and he agreed. A month later, I sat for my WAEC examination and I ended up with a grade of 'C4' in mathematics. Now I'm currently in my second year studying Mathematics Education at the Federal University of Technology, Minna. All thanks to my wonderful God sent friend, Isaac.



I call him Betterdays (because that's what he calls himself). We're always together through thick and thin. There was a time when a family member was very sick and it took a toll on the family and me. The fact that I was preparing for university entrance examination during the time made matters worse; I wasn't focused. Despite the fact that he was also going through difficulties, was a student and had little money, he stood by me, supported me financially, morally, helped me with my studying and, in general, helped me stay focused. He was always encouraging me not to let the situation get to me and my education. I did the exam, carrying with me the belief that all was well instilled in me by Betterdays. I passed well and got admitted. The sick family member also got discharged shortly after and, consequently, the family got back on track and every lost thing, recovered. He is a brother but he is much more: he is a companion - a friend indeed and the definition of a friend in need!



It was after our second semester final year exams. We had asked the portress to allow us stay in the hostels after all the other students had gone home for break so we could stay and write our projects. As well as see our project supervisors. I was outside school when the security men came to eject us out of the hostels. Joy (bebe) as we call her packed her things with the rest of the girls. The security men asked them not to carry anyone else's bags except theirs. After the security men were gone, bebe went back behind the hostels, there is an opening under the fence it's the draining system. She crawled on her belly under the gutter to get my bags for me. They were three plus a basket and a carton containing my books and shoes. She did that for me. I was so proud of her as my friend and have never been so grateful!



My bestie's name is Tayo and this is our story. Back then in primary school, I was very forgetful. One day, I forgot to bring a spoon to school. This girl came up to me and gave me hers, depriving herself of food. Ever since, we became best friends. We wore the same clothes, liked the same guy (weird right?), but we didn’t mind at all. 15 years later, there was this recruitment for young talented singers and I so wanted to be a musician and this was the opportunity of a life time. But there was a huge problem. On the day of the performance, my bestie was supposed to go on an important trip and she was my duet partner. But to my surprise, she cancelled her trip and sang the duet with me and we won. A week later, I had a terrible flu. All my friends were afraid to come close to me but when my bestie came, she hugged me tight to the extent that I thought my ribs will snap. We took care of each other when we were ill. She was my extra backbone, a loyal friend, a generous friend and also a sister. I love you.



My friend’s name is Badejoko. I pleaded for his support to help me in ways that we will make me achieve my music dreams as I was about returning to the dumpsite to resume my scavenging trade (after experiencing exploitation and abandonment from friends) as that was the only practical source of survival for me but he pledged much more. He gave me his loyalty, time, resources and influence even though he knew nothing or had no background about the music industry (he is a trained pharmacist), he was willing to research, learn and ensure I was doing what was expected of me as a professional music artiste and in terms of career development. After several pleas, he generously accepted to be my manger. Today I am an achiever as a public speaker, musician & community worker.



What can I say about Edet my best friend? Ever since we met in College, our bond is stronger than the hardest chemical bonds on the planet. It’s like we are the opposite sides of a magnet that complement one another. When I'm shy around ladies, I have a wing man to give me confidence. When he struggles with his studies, I teach him. Like Bonny and Clyde, we always look out for each other. Our families may be from two different sides of the world but in my eyes, he is like the big brother I never had. Even when I was stranded financially in my college years, he always bailed me out. Till this day, I cherish our friendship more than ever. Even in my darkest hour, when I lost a loved one, I had a friend indeed who stood beside me and encouraged me. I thank God that I have a friend to always lean on. Love you EDET forever!

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